Hey guys,

I decided to try quilt for the first time.
Live input working and can hear audio - I’m able to change all setting within quilt but the only thing I can’t do is start the sequence so no effect is taking place.
Using all other aux functions works fine just not switching from stopped to started.
I’ve tried reinstalling a bunch but to no avail.
I’m running latest OS 4.2.
Any help would be great!
Does anyone else have a similar issue?


Hi, Thanks for catching that. I just took a look. The effect waits for the next quarter note to start so you have to press and hold the Aux + low C# a little longer than you might think (depending on the BPM settings).

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Thanks :slight_smile:
Yeah I looked at it again today and all was fine.
Really loving the patch - I got some pads running through as well as sending midi (I’m using Norns) and triggering a separate synth (emplaitress) so was able to get a lovely composition happening.
Thanks for creating such wonderful patches/instruments
So I just connected to my wifi which I was connected to yesterday as well, and the patch doesn’t start whilst connected. Maybe bug of sorts?

WiFi shouldn’t have any affect on a patch.
LINK tempo is sent via WiFi. The patch will auto-join a LINK session if there is one. Do you have a LINK session going on that network? What is the tempo?

Yeah super weird,
I am on link yes and I’m on 134bpm.

Can you DM a video of the behavior?

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