Recorder/looper patch with immediate playback?


I recently starting using the organelle as a way of processing the sounds of my acoustic drums. I use piezo elements. I also have a Nord Drum with is connected to the organelle.

Unfortunately I experience latency with almost all the patches with record/loop functions. So my question: does anybody know an organelle patch with the ability of recording and looping audio with immediate playback? I just tried the new K Looper, but it again shows some latency when I end the recording and start playing the recorded audio. Are there more people who are struggling with this?

I start using ALFALOOPER (Looper | Patchstorage) and that works fine, but with this patch I cannot use the pedal function anymore.

I love to hear from you!

That is very strange. There’s no delay between ‘end of recording’ and ‘playback start’ of that new recording on our end. This clip of the K-Loop patch video shows no delay: K-Loop (0:59) (If you run it at .25x speed, you can really hear there’s no delay).

You mentioned a foot switch - this could be causing a delay if it has a ‘normally open’ switch. The Organelle is expecting a ‘normally closed’ foot switch.

Normally Open switches will work with the Organelle, but in the case of the K-Loop patches, recording start/end won’t occur until you fully release the foot switch (rather than when you press down on the switch). If you’re expecting recording start/end to sync with the foot switch being fully depressed, a normally closed foot switch will end up with recordings slightly ‘off’ because of the added time to release it…

Some foot switches have a toggle switch that can set it to be normally closed or open. Does yours have one?

Dear Chrisk, thanks for your quick and kind reply. I will check your suggestions regarding the pedal set up.

I made a short vid with the K-Loop and the Nord Drum to illustrate what I mean by delay. I also made a short vid with an alternative looper without latency. Do you notice the difference?

I hope you can help me out! I love the organelle.

It looks kinda like the ‘one extra step’ error from the old incarnation of seq3. Seems to be looping fine on every round but the first one that follows closing the loop by hitting aux.

We updated the K-Loop and K-LoopOver patches. Looping is now ‘more immediate’ and we removed some clicks that might happen when looping:

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