Disintegration loop patch

I am looking for a patch to disintegrate a loop recorded (like the Basinski’s Disintegration Loops : link).
I didn’t find in the bank of available patches a patch that looked like this…
So I wonder if anyone could have wanted to create a patch to destroy loops (with a parameter to insert more or less random silences and another parameter modulating the loop, like a vibrato) ?

Thank you in advance !


Hey! I started on a Frippertronics-like patch, which has loops that disintegrate over time:

based on bapch’s Tape Echo patch: https://github.com/bapch/RE-Tape-Echo.

Let me know if that helps! Please share what you did with it again :slight_smile:


Thanks for your response maaark! The patch seems really interesting ! But I have nothing that appears on the organelle screen … is this normal ?

Hi Fourbi, I’m not sure the Frippertronics patch was an actual Organelle patch- I don’t think I’ve ported it to Organelle yet… So you’ll have to do some patching!

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damn, I never did that … I’ll have to work on it :wink:

I’m following this thread !
Interested in a “disintegration loop” patch, and also a Frippertronics like.

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I’ve never made a patch for organelle and I don’t know how it works at all. The maaarc’s work seems great but I don’t know how it’s complicated it is to port it to organelle … I’ll try to see that!

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I’d be seriously interested in this.

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I tried to look how to use the work of maaark to create a “disintegration loop” patch for organelle but I’m really not good at it and all the explanations are in english (I’m french). So I hand over if someone brave wants to try it ! Sorry…

Not exactly what you’re looking for, but Dust is nice at degrading sounds (works on the audio input)


Dust is a great patch. I already have it.
But it’s not exactly what I’m looking for… thanks anyway for your answer jmcharcot.

What about the re tape echo patch? Need longer delay times?

Btw the strymon El cap pedal is really so great for this. I have an Ableton send set up to do this type of thing as well. Let me know if you are interested and I can share details.

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Thank you for your response healthylives!
It’s true that El Cap seems a great pedal! However what I’m really looking for is a looper or a delay with a very long time to create loops that are damaged by inserting random silences and almost overdrive on some frequencies.
It’s hard to explain… the best is to listen to the link to the Disintegration Loops of Basinski
The patch you mentioned are great too but not exactly that unfortunately…

The future Blooper pedal by CHase Bliss seems to do that : link

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Gotcha! I am a big fan of the disintegration loops.

The El Cap in ‘SOS’ mode records up to 20 seconds, and each pass can be further and further degraded/disintegrated by varying degrees according to the ‘tape age’ knob.

Would be super cool to see a super long delay patch on the organelle – maybe adding some saturation and random dropouts in the feedback path!

I think I’ll get some pedals while waiting for an organelle patch. El Capistan looks great. Some talk about pairing it with the Smallsound / Bigsound Fuck Overdrive. It seems a very good idea but I have not seen a convincing video in this configuration …
Or I’m waiting for a Blooper from Chase Bliss … Aaaaaargggh what a dilemma :slight_smile:

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El Capistan has some 2nd functions you need to tweak, Tape Bias (lower headroom/saturation) and Tape Crinkle (irregularity)

and before that, you have different options, a vibrato for sure, it could be one of these :

And an overdrive, SmallSound/BigSound Fuck but also the Mini (great with the Bias Knob and more low-end)

I’m quite sure you need to go through a pedalboard or a multitrack tape recorder to get all these organic degrading sounds.

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I got a Montreal Assembly Count to 5 this week, it became my favourite pedal and one of my favourite pieces of gear after 10m of using it: among many wondrous things, 3 independent variable-speed heads.


I got an El Capistan. It’s a great pedal and the sound to sound mode is ideal for slowly degrading a loop ! I approach the desired Disintegration Loops effect.
I’m waiting for my Fuck Overdrive to add it to Capistan. We’ll see.

For the CT5 I’m not sure that it is suitable for the desired effect here, even if it seems a great pedal too!


Wow that FuckOverdrive looks really great. Let us know how it goes if you pick one up!

Still wonder if running DUST (as an effects processor) into the chain might approach that kind of sound?