How to record ETC output together with Audio Input?

I want to record HDMI video output of the ETC together with analog (Stereo) Audio for a Music Video.
What devices are there to do this, either by recording video and audio together into a file on a Windows PC e.g. for upload onto Youtube or by a standalone audio/video recorder ?

Hi -
The three capture devices we have used in the studio have both audio and video inputs so you can record both at once:

  1. Elgato Game Capture
  2. Elgato HD60s
  3. Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (USB)

We use Macs but should work with Windows. Double check the specs first!

Thanks, being new to video this is helpful.

Making things even more complicated… has anyone worked out a(n affordable) flow to capture ETC video while multi track recording? Essentially syncing HDMI capture while multitracking in Logic or Reaper or something similar. People do this kind of thing for making movies I guess, so it seems doable. I’m just a newb and the google results seem overwhelming.

If I understand you right, you want to record the Video in Logic while playing back a Logic song. I doubt that this works. The most simple solution will be a GameCapture device which records the ETCs HDMI-signal as a mp4-file. This file you may import to your logic or reaper project.

FoneLab screen recorder does what you want including recording video and audio simultaneously or separately.

As far as I understand this is a software running on a computer, which records the output of other programs running on this computer. Unfortunately the output of the ETC is not running on this computer. …
So you need some device which reads the HDMI-Output of the ETC. And a game capturer is such a device.