Regarding the Organelle's Operating System

Hi there. I have a couple questions about the operating system on the Organelle.

What Linux distribution is it based on?

Is it possible to connect it to a network? (It would be really cool to be able to remotely copy patches to it over SSH).

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The Organelle uses Arch Linux. Networking is possible, there is a little info on using WiFi adapters here

I haven’t tried SSH, but sshd is installed so it should be possible. Some kind of web based file transfer would be cool too.

I’m currently trying to get ssh working (to hopefully get some some automatic patch syncing over wifi), but I’m getting a “Permission denied” error when trying to ssh in as root.

So far, I’ve setup the Wifi adaptor (as per the thread linked above)… set the root password with the ‘passwd’ command and adding the “PermitRootLogin yes” line to /etc/ssh/sshd_config… but still no luck.

I’m not really a linux person, so I’m just stabbing in the dark here. I’m wondering if there’s something obvious I’ve missed…

Has anyone managed to get ssh working?

Was eventually able to get Wifi Patch Syncing (using rsync) working, thought I’d record what I did here in case someone finds this thread in the future…

  1. Remount the system drive as read-write (/root/scripts/
  2. Setup Wifi according to the above thread (there is a script in that thread that I added to .bash_profile, so that wifi is connected every time the organelle powers on).
  3. Set the root password with passwd
  4. Edit /etc/sshd_config to add the “PermitRootLogin yes”
  5. Update the pacman database
  6. Install rsync using pacman
  7. Reboot

Organelle boots back up with wifi, sshd and rsync workin… and you’ll never have to fiddle with that tiny USB drive again :wink:

Thanks for sharing these details. The WiFi is really convenient when you have it up and running. With SSH it is possible to also use an FTP program like Cyberduck on your computer to move files. I found this useful especially for dragging .wav files onto the Organelle. I’ve been thinking about a patch that would just connect when you ran it.

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Awesome. I have considered getting the Organelle to pull down patch updates from Google Drive. That way I can just drag the files into Google Drive as they are updated while I’m at work. Then when I boot it up, it would automatically include those.