Routing Midi in orac 2.0

Hi, I’m kind of a new user of organelle but I love it too much already ! I would like to know how to connect the midi information from a sequencer (like… chordsroll, punchy or polybeats) into more than one synth at the same time. Any ideas? Thanks ! ^^

You can make a module pass on its incoming MIDI notes by turning on ‘Note Thru’ in the router for that module.
For example, if you put a sequencer in slot A1, and synths in A2 and A3 and turned on ‘Note Thru’ in the router for slot A2, both slots A2 and A3 would get the notes from the sequencer.

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yes ! that worked. And… what if I want to send this midi to other module? Like I have a sequencer in slot A1, and I want to throw it also to C1 for example. Is it possible?

If you change the router from the ‘parallel’ module to the ‘serial’ module that will connect A3 to B1 and B4 to C1, so you could turn on note thru on all modules in the chain and the sequencer notes will be sent to all the modules after it.

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as @WyrdAl says, Orac forms chains, parallel is 3 chains of 3/4 modules, serial is basically 1 chain of 10, where a chain can pass audio and ‘midi’ along the chain - but each chain is independent.
(sometimes you want things combined, other times you don’t)

this ‘chain’ concept is to keep the UI ‘simple’, rather than a full modular where you’d have to explicitly patch everything - which would be extremely tedious on a small UI like the Organelle :wink:
(hence the compromise of selectable routing schemes)

however, for more advance use, the router modules are ‘just’ PD modules, so you can create your own routing schemes if you wish by creating your own routing modules.
this was made much easier in orac 2.0, even users with a only a basic grasp of Pure Data should now be able to figure it out.