Pyramid + Organelle (orac)

Hi there everybody. I just went and ordered myself the organelle, heck yeah!
Now I m writing to make sure I m ready for action when it arrives.

I have the Squarp Pyramid as my main sequencer. Im mostly interested in setting the pyramid to play nice with some different ORAC setups. Can I just hook the Pyramid straight up to the Organelle with pyramids usb cable, or do I need any extra gear to get started ?

thanks in advance, so damn excited to get these two to meet!

Yes, you can connect the pyramid to the organelle directly via usb and the organelle will even power it :slight_smile:

It’s a good combo.

Jeez, wow. Wasnt expecting (eventhough secrectly hoping) for this. And did I understand correctly from your videos, that:

I can set up the 1-5 encoders on Pyramid to control different parameters for every different midi channel in Orac?

currently orac (1.0) is not storing midi learn by midi channel, so you would have to do this on the pyramid by using different CCs for encoders , on different tracks (this can be done on v3 of the Pyramid OS)

in 1.1, Im hoping this kind of functionality will be possible using modulators, but no promises yet.

Yeah but thats amazing enough, so cool. Thanks a lot!

Ok, continuing with the challenges: I finally yesterday got this pretty thing to turn on! So fun so far.

However, I cant seem to prevent MIDI from leaking between chains in orac. The chains have different Midi ins, matching the ones in Pyramid. Still a the drum notes from chain 1 cause Rhodey on chain 2 to play.

Why is this?

because you have not turned off the ‘default organelle’ midi input. which means that the midi coming in is converted to organelle keys.

you need to turn this off (or select a different channel) in settings->midi if this is not what you want.

usually what I do, to have maximum flexibility, is set the default midi to channel 1, and then use channels 2-16 for specific midi chain input.