Save is broken (or does something else then Save from the PD gui)

I am currently working on a multi tap delay, which comes with an own parameter system, where the parameters are stored as arrays (and the arrays are stored in the patches). This works fine so far. But today I detected, that when I select “Save” or “Save new” from the Organelle menu (i’m using OS3.0), the array isn’t stored. When I save main.pd from the GUI, the arrays are saved. Is this different behavior intended? And when yes, is there a way so that a changed array can be saved from Organelle?

I made a similar post a few days ago.
Might help.

I have enabled the “Save contents” flag, but the content is only saved, when I call save from the GUI (more specific: from the main.pd window where I have located the array). Did you tried this suggested solution and did it help in your case?

Hm sounds strange, when the save flag in ticked it should save the data. It does when using PD on a regular computer. But if you say it only saves the data when doing it from PD itself, and not when saving from Organelle device itself, there might be an issue with saving patches.

But to be honest I have not yet used table that much with Organelle, so I am not sure how it reacts in practice, but in theory it should work.

Next time I fire up the organelle I will check up on it.

@oweno did you ever experience any problems when working with tables?

One thing I find a bit strange about PD is the lack of ability to store the content of a table to a harddisc. I think that would sort out your issue right away. But for some reason that is not possible in PD.

I believe writing/wire the code to save the tables to a file via the textfile object should be possible, but then I would need to add an additional save mechanism to my patch, which I think would confuse other users.

Yeah list-abs should handle that if you want to go down that road. I am not too fond of that approach. Because if one want to add parameters later on, it will mess up the all ready stored presets. But there is probably also a work around for that :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay, I’ve not tried anything with my organelle beyond noise making yet and it looks like you’re well beyond me in that area.
Barely got myself a monitor and now looking for the keyboard and mouse.
Hope you worked this out!

Sending [menusave< message to [s pd-MYPATCH.pd] saves the patch. That’s how my RE-Tape Echo preset system works.