Without a screensaver mode, the organelle’s screen is very susceptible to burn in. Mine is already fairly damaged with burn as I got it second hand. I’m sure implementing a screensaver is easy, and will help future proof everyone’s machine.

could we please get this implemented? or perhaps I’m missing something?


Here’s a link for the Graphics Demo patch - you could design all kinds of screen savers:

Thanks! this is definitely a start. However, I’m no programmer. I wouldn’t know how to code a screensaver. Do you know where to get one? It doesn’t have to be fancy, I just want to future proof the screen and extend its life even under heavy use.


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I also would expect a screensaver* to be a build-in OS feature of the Organelle rather than to load it as a patch.

Maybe with a possibility to set the minutes when idle* @system/settings etc… or even just a fixed time without a menu setting would be great already (like the Zoia has, just getting dark after some minutes of being idle)

Thank you for your consideration C&G!

YES! Graphics mode for screensaver is more of a workaround than an actual function. Hopefully the idea gets some steam from the developer community.