Screen burn

Hi, I have bad screen burn on my organelle m. What are my options to replace the screen ? I’m in Germany. Unit purchased new. June 2020.
Thank you

Have you ever gotten a response from C&G about this?

For those, like me, reading this and being somewhat concerned about leaving the device running for longer periods of time, you can do this:

  1. enable wifi
  2. SSH or VNC to the device
  3. in the terminal type:
    $ oscsend localhost 4001 /oled/aux/clear i 1
    $ oscsend localhost 4001 /oled/setscreen i 1

This will turn off the OLED display on the Organelle until you move the endless encoder next to it.

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Any way to set a timeout like say 5 minutes after inactivity turns screen off?

Doesn’t seem like it.

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In case you’re still looking for a solution I’ve made a screensaver for ORAC you can put it anywhere you want but here is a mother.pd file with it.

mother.pd (25.3 KB)

Works like this:
If it’s not receiving inputs from the Organelle knobs & buttons a timer starts (default is 2 mins) after which the OLED will turn black and the Aux LED lights white to show the unit is still working.

To exit the screensaver mode press any button on the organelle.

It’s not very elegant but it does the job!

EDIT: I’ve just updated the link with a new version fixing a bug which might occur.


I like this simple solution, but could you tel me how to go back if this change doesn’t convince me, I’m not good enough to experiment in this terminal.
Thanks !

What I suggested is a one time command. It doesn’t save anything permanently, just turns the screen off once.

I wrote a shell script which I placed in the System directory so you can then execute it from the Organelle. I’ll find sometime later today to upload it


I was effectively thinking that was permanent. It’s really usefull.
Thanks !

Great, nice to heard this !
Thanks !

Screen (412 Bytes)

Make a System folder in your main directory, unzip this and put the Screen clear folder inside it and then you should be able to run it as a script from the Extra menu.

It’s just the same commands as @RPLKTR described above but as an executable

It works well, thanks !