Screen burn

Hi, I have bad screen burn on my organelle m. What are my options to replace the screen ? I’m in Germany. Unit purchased new. June 2020.
Thank you

Have you ever gotten a response from C&G about this?

For those, like me, reading this and being somewhat concerned about leaving the device running for longer periods of time, you can do this:

  1. enable wifi
  2. SSH or VNC to the device
  3. in the terminal type:
    $ oscsend localhost 4001 /oled/aux/clear i 1
    $ oscsend localhost 4001 /oled/setscreen i 1

This will turn off the OLED display on the Organelle until you move the endless encoder next to it.

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Any way to set a timeout like say 5 minutes after inactivity turns screen off?

Doesn’t seem like it.

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