Setting up a new MicroSD card in Organelle M

Hi everyone,

I have a 64GB Sandisk Ultra MicroSD just gathering dust and I am very interested in swapping the MicroSD in my Organelle M with it. As the system files are hosted here and there is a boot partition, is there a step by step guide to transitioning to a new MicroSD card? The 64Gb should provide plenty of storage for patches. Please let me know if there is a process that is documented.

Thanks in advance!

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you can just put a new image on the 64b card,
and then you need to extend the partition used for the patches.

this is pretty easy, as the patches are on a separate partition (mounted as /sdcard) to the main OS (aka rootfs)

I’ll update my resizeSDcard patch in next few weeks,
but you can do it manually as described here:

note: the device partitions have changed between the organelle-1 and organelle-m, so you will need to change these when following the process - this is why the resizeSDCard won’t work, and would make you organelle-m unbootable (except ive made it so it won’t run on the M :wink: ) - this is what i need to update in the patch.
its trivial change - but the whole change, test, upload - ends up a taking a little more time that I have available at the moment.

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Thanks Mark,

I will try this using some existing utilities that I have and your recommendations.

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Yeah, the graphics tools for partition management (like gparted) should also work on the organelle-m
( you can install this with apt-get)

I ended up deleting and recreating the 3rd partition and then extending the file system to it. This worked well and gives me a 55GB storage space on a Sandisk Ultra. Thanks for all of the help.



I just get the organelle M and first spend my time reading this forum
i’m surprise, the manual say it is easy to paste patchs in the organelle, but don’t see a folder for patchs
as i read this forum, do i understand that i need to create a new partition for patchs on my s’ card ? ( a 32Go )

My english is not good
Do you on mac os if this partitionning sd card is easy ?

Why do you say a 3rd part ?

Thank you for all

On the OS4.x ( which is what comes with organelleM) … the Patches directly already exists on the sdcard it came with.
( this is where all the factory patches live)


If you use WiFi as described in the manual you should be able to see this.

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ok, cos’i don’t have wifi for the moment, is it why i don’t see them ?

( i’ve tried to have a look directly in the s’ card in my computer whith adapter )

i have also tried whith an usb drive and i understand that with the usb drive, he doesn’t read patches from the s’ card

thanks a lot for all your share it quite a very big thing, love organelle in its way of thinking and possibilities

hi mark. huge fan!!! curious where i can find this updated patch for the organelle-m you mention… thanks for all your incredible contributions!!!

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Hi @thetechnobear I’m brand new to the forum and the Organelle M, Pleasure to digitally meet you.

As for my question: Would you happen to have released an updated version of the resizeSDcard patch for use with the Organelle M?

Kind regards,


Hello @fabamarie ,
Not sure if you figured it out, but just in case: your mac won’t be able to display the /sdcard partition, as it’s formatted for linux and not natively viewable on mac or windows. Even if you don’t have a WiFi access, the organelle can generate its own network for you to access the patch manager. See the manual about this.

@schwierdoproductions and @d00g13h0ws3rmd, would you have a linux machine, (or a virtual machine)? this is quite easy to do with gparted.

yeah. thanks. I figured this out from something I found posted on another thread. it was way easier than I thought.

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Hi @clemi thank you for your response. Please pardon my ignorance, complete noob here.I only have a windows based laptop, So I would need to utilize the Organelle to create a network?

What exactly is gparted?

Thank you!

Hello Keith, and no problem, I’m happy to help if I can!
My comment above about the Organelle’s own network (AP mode) was for @fabamarie, as they were trying to copy new patches to the organelle but didn’t have WiFi.

You are trying to resize the SD card, correct?

GParted is a disk utility for linux, very convenient for editing and resizing disk partitions. (but you need a linux system to run it, either a computer or a virtual machine.)
You can do it manually as well, but that requires some terminal use. (see this post)