Micro sd card


Hi people sorry for such a lame question but I have just got a used organelle which is on v1.1. Please, how do I get the firmware onto the Micro sd card from my MacBook Pro? What do I need to do this?



Is it setup to load patches from sd card? If you’re just trying to upgrade, you need to load the OS zip file on the usb stick. Then when you load the organelle you will see something like install_OS_version in the patch list. Click that and you’re all set!


Thankyou! Initially I’m looking to upgrade. It looks like it’s in v1.1 so by the looks of it to get up to the newest firmware I need to install v2.1 first and then grab the newest and install that. Also I’m going to be looking to to install ORAC so is this done via usb stick too?


That’s awesome thanks! I’ll pick myself up a new micro sd card and try this out! Need to get the firmware up to date first though I think!


you Can just flash the New os on the sd card. And for orac installation, follow the steps as it’s described here on the forum or on patchstorage.


If you grab that OS image to flash to sd card, orac comes with it. :wink:


Yes Indeed. And to add news modules, just drag the .zop files on the subfolder, and click to install.