List of Organelle compatible USB devices!


There have been several newer users, like myself who are curious about which USB devices people have used succesfully with Organelle. It would be really great to have a list where all working/non working devices are listed.

I understand that C&I recommend the EMU Xmidi device, but i couldn’t find it here in EU, and maybe others have the same issue and want to look for other USB devices that works and we might as well share our findings.

So I thought I might as well get that list started, to make it easier for new comers to find what they need. EVERYTHING that is tested can come on the list, USB/midi devices, WIFI devices, USB hubs etc… Make sure to put a link, along with a notification if it works with Organelle or not.

So post your TESTED Organelle compatible devices below here.

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I got this very cheap USB/midi device today and first it seemed like I got a lot of hanging frozen notes. I disconnected and reconnected it and since then I havent had any issues with hanging notes. I tested it with the “basic poly”. And this is a small issue, if you dont get the USB cable connected right, you can have hanging midi notes. But easy to solve by reconnecting it and restarting the Organelle.

I also tested sending midi clock to it and that also works.

Prize: 10€ with postage from Germany to Denmark

Working: Not working very well.

EDIT: Sorry I have to change the state of this one to not working very well. First I thought it felt a it strange when I connected it to my computers USB ports. And then I noticed that there was some plastic left overs inside the connection port of the midi usv devide so I couldnt connect it all the way in. I then got that plastic scraped out and thought that was it. Then I tried it with my Virus C, to test it with another device than organelle that i had used many times before and knows that works. And I cant even play keys on the Virus without getting hanging notes. And as SOON as I touch one of the knobs of the Virus the cheap midi usb thingy goes totally mad and sound like it plays all 16 parts at once. I tried many times with same result. And after that test I googled a bit and found this link:
… Which shows that they havent even connected everything inside the USB midi thingy in the right way!!! And there is actually some resistors and other things missing. That is just crazy :tired_face::crazy_face::rofl::persevere: So changed to NOT RECOMMENDED.

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I have had success with one of those ebay thingies too but got an additional

Roland UM-ONE midi to usb cable which i prefer (not sure why, probably because it’s black and says roland on it)

i got the second one so i could make my computer tell the organelle what to do

Bought this recently, it sends midi timing/notes to the Organelle via midi.
Also does ios which is kind of a neat, bang for the buck type device.

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These all work for me


most devices should work, the Linux kernel supports USB class compliant devices, and also has lots of ‘quirks’ (workarounds) too. e.g. my Virus works out of the box, despite its non-compliance

if a device doesn’t work (or partially doesn’t) , try using my beta and enable Alsa, which generally is much more reliable. ( all the beta functionality will be part of the next official C&G release.)

you could have used one of your Axolotis , that’s what I do… one of my Axoloti has startup patch with midi thru for USB device to DIN, and also a reverb, and I just plug it into to the Organelle… bus powered, good to go… use the one with your AxoControl on it, and there’s lots of fun to be had :slight_smile:
(latency is basically the same as the USB to Midi DIN cable I have, a MIDIMATE II)

anyway, as for working list

  • Axoloti
  • Virus TI
  • MIDIMATE II (usb ->midi din)
  • KM Softstep
  • … a controller that shall not be named, yet :wink:

… I also have Eigenharps and a Soundplane running but that is not ‘out of the box’ , that needs my software.

Wifi, use the standard PI wifi dongle… don’t risk anything else, unless you know the chipset used.
Ive a couple of dongles that are based on the RTL8188EU which do not work, as support is not compiled into kernel, this chipset is very common in small wifi dongles.

Yeah I have thought about that too. I really like using Axoloti as a clock, MUCH better than any other device I have here in my studio and that includes G2, Virus C. Using Axoloti as clock is superb :slight_smile: @thetechnobear do I simply “upload the patch as start up” and I am good to go?

Oh the Axocontrol I had to take it off the Axoloti again. I started getting weird humming from the Axo. This was my first DIY project so it was not that well made. But as soon as I removed it again Axo worked fine. SO I am back to square for a while.

Okay Pi3 wifi dongle, got it. Was wondering about what to get actually.

thats what i do…
a friend uses a better model, which I’m going to adopt, is to have multiple patches, switching with pgm changes… which you could easily send from the organelle…

axocontrol… oops :wink: probably just look at the solder joints, and check no shorts… its probably going to be on the axocontrol board header pins, given the core board works ok without it connected.

… also axoloti control is on the horizon, i think johannes is happy with latest prototype, when you see it you will want it, it is absolutely awesome … and has some extras that will make it extra cool for organelle too :wink:
(still some firmware and then production ordering, so its going to be still a few months, but it exists, and is very real)

Yeah there are many weak spots, lets put it like that, hehe :tired_face::crazy_face::star_struck: I am more into patching than soldering to be honest :wink: I think I am just going to get an extra midi controller for Axo to make it simple. Or maybe get one of Johannes Axocontrols. Marc, do you know if the price range is like Axoloti, budget friendly?

Yeah while it is going to be connected anyway, it might as well spit out some sounds also and not only handle the usb>midi conversion :slight_smile: But I am just taking it step by step getting the stuff made I need to get an intuitive system going. But I am starting to look forward for combining it all and find out wha is going to slave to what and so on.

no price range yet, depends on final component count and costs, but yes, I think it will be great value.

yeah, thats how i treat my axolotis, i have them setup for ‘toolbox’ usage, so i can grab and go… and then I’ll upload patches if i want to do something specific. this way I use them a lot more than I might otherwise.
(pgm change concept, extends that nicely)

anyway, back on topic…
anyone tried organelle with an alternative (usb) audio interface, i wonder if it will talk to my mixer via usb … i suspect it will, just will need to PD settings to target different audio interface.

I was just thinking about that yesterday. I got a Behringer UCA 202, that works on Pi3 out of the box and I was thinking about trying that one.

But I guess I need to set up which driver to use on the organelle and make sure it also remembers the driver. Or maybe even just use the UCA 202 as an extra setof in/outs. That is one thing I am missing once in a while, 2 ekstra in/outs.

I’ll give it a try over the weekend and see if it works.

Just tried my Berhinger mixer, and yup, USB audio input and output both work.
you just need to change the setting in PD.

iirc, there is a message you can send to PD from a patch to do this too… so you could do this in a ‘custom’ mother.pd.

Im not sure if PD can be pointed to an alternative .pd_settings file on startup, if it could then we could add this as a feature to the mother exec, so allow you to select audio device, built-in, hdmi, or external usb audio.
If I start using my mixer more then I’ll take a look :wink:

Great :slight_smile: Were you able to use Organelles own DAC and then Behringer one at the same time? That would be super great :slight_smile: I think I rmember reading somewhere in the settings that one can choose to use “multiple devices”. BUt havvent tried it yet.

I think this can be done in the newest version of pd 0.48, where you can run several patches which all have their own setting, for example for using pd as VST’s in a DAW. Maybe this can be used for this. BUut then we need 0.48 first, I guess.

by the way in am 90% done with a MIDI learn feature for mapping CCs is this already in your ALSA midi stuff? I mean no use in re-inventing the wheel


Anker USB hub working well here

I have a tiny 3 port one that doesn’t as well - no brand/name on it

How’s this working Patrick? Sounds dope! Is this something that would have to be written into patches one by one or could it be a generic organelle OS function? That Bastl 60 knobs thing coupled with organelle midi learn could be so so sick. Would save a lot of time as opposed to going into each patch i like attaching CCs to parameters one by one.

i started it, Frank barknect wrote the original code but it needs to be adapted per patch because the ctlins would not be the same. We might be able to affix it to certain templates but honestly it’s not super high on my list of interests but i could look at it deeper this week


I’m the midi bore on this forum I know this. Haha.

I have nothing against midi itself because it’s so pervasive but it tends to have a homogenzing effect upon what it’s controlling while that might be great for a live performance or synchronization there are advancements with sampe based timings which are more beat accurate [Eric Lyon’s work for exmaple] but i am not anti MIDI by any means :slight_smile:

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I have been using sequencing and automation as a crutch for the past year but am increasingly yearning for more expression since guitar is my first instrument. Pleasantly surprised at how many organelle patches respond to velocity. :slight_smile:
Got a big piano size hammer action keyboard now and gonna learn myself some theory (fingers crossed) any tips for a beginner keys player folks?