Some nice images for your ETC!

This is a set of images specifically prepared for use with the ETC. The images were derived from a collection of my recent art projects, with many instances coming from traditional art media (paint, ink, pen), which presents an interesting juxtaposition from the ETC’s sprites in the foreground. All images are yours to do with whatever you like and are licensed under Creative Commons CCO.

The image you see here is included! :wink:


Some additional thumbnail examples. All together, there are 132 images for your enjoyment!

TIP! - Don’t try to load all of these. Start with a small set, and go from there. Your ETC’s CPU will thank you. :wink:


Beautiful artwork

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really nice, some of these might work really well if you did some kind of colour cycling with them :slight_smile:

Exactly @thetechnobear. Many of these are indexed color model btw.

Many thanks! Those are beautiful!

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Gorgeous !

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