Stereo Sampler patch for Organelle?


I’m currently setting up my organelle for a live performance. However, I can’t find a patch that will let me play a backing track in stereo. This is an essential part to the setup that I plan on using. Is there a patch out there that allows stereo sample playback? Everything I’ve tried mixes it down to mono. Unfortunately I am unable to use pd so if anyone could possibly make a version of the multisampler but let it play in stereo that would be great! Thanks!

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or even better, could I do something like Thery Scary or Beats and Pieces but with the backing track in stereo?

hi @Polahr.

replace these 2 patches on your Beats and Pieces folder and you should have a stereo backing track. please test it.

drums.pd (1.3 KB)
main.pd (5.8 KB)


It worked! Thank you so much! I’ll save this version of the patch for future reference. When I get the chance to look at the pd files i’ll look and see what to do next time I wanna do something similar.

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happy it worked out for you, enjoy! :slight_smile:

Hi. A little late to this party but hoping there’s still some life left…

@sno I’m comparing the drums.pd & main.pd files you uploaded & I can see why they work, despite only a beginners knowledge of pd.

I can also see why the Beats and Pieces sampler-voice.pd file is only mono, but I can’t work out how I might convert this to play samples in stereo too.

The backing track stereo fix works a treat! Can you help me understand how to make all the files stereo?

All the best :slight_smile:

hi @mememe!

you can replace the [sampler-voice.pd] with this one sampler-voice.pd (4.0 KB) to use stereo samples, but you have to make a change in the [main.pd] of Beats and Pieces.

you have to create a stereo output for the [sampler-voice.pd] in the [main.pd]. create the [catch~ samp_voice_outL] and the [catch~ samp_voice_outR] objects and connect both to the respective outs of the organelle [throw~outR] and [throw~outL], as you can see in the image below.

hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Yes. Massively. Thanks @sno ! And thanks for the speedy response.

I can see what you’ve done in the sampler-voice.pd - it’s still a bit baffling to look at as a whole but comparing the two I can follow it. The main.pd image makes total sense now I’m looking at a solution not just a problem. And here’s me with a day off to muck about! Perfect!

Perhaps you could help just a little further?

In Beats and Pieces, these paths are interrupted by the delay, and in Beats and Pieces 2, a reverb (I’m trying to modify both patches). As I understand it, I could just duplicate these fx objects and their associated bits and have a discrete fx path for each channel but can I just plug both sides into the one fx object and retain the stereo image?

Thanks again for you help :smile:

Here are the two things I’m referring to…43

by both sides you mean stereo output, right? I don’t think you can, because de [delay5sec] abstraction is a mono delay, I think. I don’t know about [rev1~].

but the best way to try the stereo image with these FX’s is to use a stereo sample with real differences in the L and R channels and hear the result.

I found a stereo version of [delay5sec] stereodelay5sec.pd (1.2 KB) abstraction you can try. for the reverb I normally use [freeverb~] I think it’s a stereo reverb.

I’m sorry for not being more helpful but I on summer vacation :sunny: :sunglasses:

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Oh no! Step away from the computer…!!

Well, thanks for taking the time out. Just posting that stereo delay abstraction has helped me understand a little more - the ‘stereo-ness’ is linked to the inlets on the delay page. [stereodelay5sec] has one for each channel… Da Daaa! It’s little leaps like these that I’m not making at the mo.

Digging around a bit more it seems that freeverb is designed for stereo signals so I’m def gonna have a look at that. You’re dead right about the sample - I’ve been using a left-right ping pong this afternoon for testing. It’s getting a bit boring now tho…!

Thanks again @sno - get back to that sangria! :wine_glass:

happy to help :slight_smile:
no worries @mememe I had to bring my computer to do some work, but I’m tying hard not to do it :smiley:
I’m no pd jedi, but I try to understand some things to help me update patches to go in the direction I need. I found these pd tutorials to be very helpful.
if you need more help don’t hesitate to ask! if I now how, I’ll try to help.
happy patching! :level_slider::control_knobs:

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