Sampler Style Delay in Stereo

Is is straight forward to create a stereo version of ‘Sampler Style Delay?’ I use this patch all the time it’s great but wish I could maintain stereo samples.

Any help would be great.

It isn’t too hard to modify to be stereo with some Pd knowledge. Basically you need to fix up the sampler-voice.pd file so that it loads and plays 2 channel wav files. you will need two arrays (one for each channel) and also two [tabread4~] objects. I guess you will also need 2 delays, one for each channel. I don’t know how much this will increase CPU usage, but if it is under 40% now, it should be fine. (I think it is below this threshold, sampling is pretty cheap for CPU)

So I’ve been digging around and hacking patches and reading through another post about a similar topic for Beats and Pieces. I’ve attempted to put things together in PD but sadly no joy. The stereo ‘Drums’ track is fine but anything to do with the sampler voice and the delay (also if the delay is bypassed) results in no sample playback.

If someone could point out where I’m going wrong that would be greatly appreciated? Below is a link to the patch I’m working on.