Storage questions for Organelle M

This might be a super Noo3 question; I am curious what all the stock parameters of the Organelle M are. Also, what is the stock capacity of any hardware storage, and sd card storage that it might have? What size card would i need to purchase to expand storage…also, when i download patches through the usb wifi, what is that saving to? If someone could give a succinct run down that would be awesome. Thank you very much.

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The Organelle is loaded with a set of factory patches. You can learn more about the patches here:

The micro SD card has about 4GB of storage for patches and other files. In our experience this is more than enough space…you would only need more if you wanted to play or record many long sound files, in which case you could use a bigger card.

If I needed to expand storage in the future, would it be possible to copy the existing files on my current micro sd? Or would i have to re download and install all the patches over? Are the stock patches stored on the micro sd? Thanks again.

Yes, the Organelle ships with the stock patches stored on in the storage partition of the microSD.

Expanding your microSD storage will require a larger microSD card, burning the OS on it (Chapter 7.1 of manual), and then resizing the storage partition (some users have used this guide). Before you remove the current microSD you would need to copy your patches from the current microSD to your computer via WiFi and then copy them from your computer to the new microSD once it was it set up.

It might just be easier to use a USB drive for storage as it does not require any resizing of microSD cards or burning the OS. This is covered in the manual:

And finally, is there a way to see how much of the current storage you have used?

Thank you for your thorough response.

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Use linux command on the Organelle console window.(when you connect HDMI/VNC)


df -h /sdcard


also check this topic (resize/extend patch storage space)

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