Help for a newcomer

Hello! I bought an Organelle M yesterday. Few questions that may sound very simple:
How can I download patches to my Organelle? I bought a bigger (64gb) memory card and I downloaded the new 4.0 on it. Can I download patches with the wifi or should I take the memory card and put it on my Macbook and download the files that way?
I read from the manual that usb drive is an option. But I have a lot of space on my memory card for that. So can I download patches with wifi?
Another question: I managed to use the Organelle wifi, but then I added my home wifi to Organelle and accidentally deleted the .music from Organelle. No there is no Organelle wifi network shown anymore. And I cannot go to the http://organellem.local, because it only worked with the Organelle wifi. What should I do?
One more question? If I play with the sampler and do changes to it, how can I save it? I couldn’t find a solution for that.
Thank you for your help
-Mikko Pettinen from Finland

ok, thats a bunch of questions… there is already space on the sdcard for patches - yes you can use wifi to transfer - see the organelle manual

yes, the sdcard can be ‘expanded’ to 64gb, using disk/gparted.
i think this is covered in this thread at the end… its a bit technical, but i think info is there…
(unfortunately, at the moment there is not really an easier way)

id try to avoid usb, its much easier to use wifi/sdcard

start the WIFI in AP (access point) mode, then you can connect directly to it.

from there the browser gives you the option to create a wifi network.

should be in the manual iirc.

depends a little on which patch, but for most patches (excluding orac), simply select ‘save new’ from menu (under storage)

you can later rename this patch in using the file manager browser

sorry this is a bit terse, but lots of questions… if you need more details on some feel free to ask for details where needed.

Thank you for the reply. I reloaded the 4.0 OS again to the memory card and now the wifi works again through the organelle wifi network.