Installing patches to Organelle S SD Card without Patch Manager

Hi. Per this thread, because I’m having ongoing problems starting AP mode, I’ve had to install patches to a USB thumb drive to use with my barely-used, new to me 2022 Organelle S. I’d like to be able to copy these patches directly to the SD card so as not to have to the USB drive constantly plugged in. I’ve tried to install File Manager, but in addition the System folder specified in its instructions not appearing on the SD, when use an adapter (microSD to SD) to view its info on my MacBook, the MacBook doesn’t appear to be recognizing the full capacity of the SD. When I view its info, the capacity displayed is 44.3 MB. I have successfully reflashed the SD to OGM 4.1, twice, and some cursory googling shows there should be ample room for patches. So what should I do? Fwiw, my MacBook is running Mac OS 12.6 (Monterey). Thanks in advance!