Supercharged Organelle!


how did you replace the SOC? is it some sort of ZIF setup or did you have to unsolder it

(I don’t own an organelle yet)


@audiojack yes, just a push fit… easy stuff, as long as your careful :wink:

its a reported bug and fix… iirc its something to do with an assumption of memory state, and when its booted ‘warm’ its still has electrical charge, so its in the expected state. (so not temperature as such)… its logged against the quad core, which is why i assume its not present in the dual.
once you know, its a non-issue, as its 100% predicatable, and once booted its 100% stable, as far as Ive seen.

(its one of the reasons, id eventually like to move to new kernel/uboot to bring in the fix)


Thanks for the info.

The organelle is arriving today, I’m guessing the i4Pro will arrive next week sometime, I will let you know how it goes…


@thetechnobear neat! can we see a photo?

also, what’s the board like? are any GPIOs broken out? is this hardware hackable?


Nope, no pins broken out, so no hardware hacking.

Sorry, I’ve no pictures of inside, and not in mood to open it up really :slight_smile:


I will take some pics when I take mine apart and post them here.


Well mine seems to be a rev 02, not sure is that is a 1.3 or a 1.5 but booting it with an organelle card the wifi works. Didn’t need to power cycle it either, it just started up.

Just dismantling it all, they packed it in that little box!


I guess you prised off the aerial from the top of the i4Pro box, where did you stick it in the organelle?


And some pics for anyone interested:

i4Pro in bits



New som on top



Organelle innards



Replace this tomorrow.



yours is also a 1.3, it’s the som version number your interested in. ( you can see on the board in your picture)

You don’t need to take the aerial off (though it’s just snapped on) , and I just lay it down the side of the organelle, I think lodging it somewhere so it didn’t wiggle around she moved. towards the USB ports iirc

Remember , becareful to not overheat the cores , if you start doing intensive processing - they can heat up pretty quick :wink:


Thanks for the info, I missed that 1.3 printed there!

I’ll keep an eye on the temperature, otherwise I guess a heat sink and small fan might be in order.

Do you get overheating issues with yours?