Translosso Patch

First PD project I’ve done! This was a conversion from PD-Extended. I’ve provided a link to the original as well. I also assume you’ll need PD-Extended to play it.

It’s glitchy and needs some work. I’ll keep tinkering with it. But thought maybe some with better minds would like to help me clean it up. I really like the sound of this one, and think there’s a lot of potential here.
Anyways, enjoy! And thanks to @ghostly606 and @thetechnobear for the advice/help starting it.
This does have a sequencer. I just forgot to put that on the display.

Translosso Patch

Here’s a little demo for anyone interested in hearing what it sounds like.

Looks interesting, thanks for diving in! More than I can say for myself. Does PD-extended need to be installed per the C&G instructions in this thread?

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It was so long ago. I have a hard time remembering. But I’m almost certain that is it.

Ha, ok, so you’ve installed that on your Organelle (next to the /Patches folder) and Translosso works with it?

It should!

I should add, you’ll put Translosso in the patches folder though. Just like any other.

Just updated this patch! New additions below

UPDATE: 5/30/2018
+Fixed the higher notes so they come through as well as the lower notes.

+Screen now says sink for sequencer on start up.

+Added audio input capabilities.

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UPDATE: 6/19/2018
+Added Polyphonic capabilities

Let me know what you think. And tag me in any videos you happen to use it in. I’d love to see what people come up with.


Can’t wait to try it, awesome patch.

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Almost forgot to share this. I tried the Translosso patch I converted with my Montreal Assembly CT5 and the results did not disappoint!


Anybody down to help me add a few things to this patch?

Not 100% sure, what you’re looking for, when you ask for help adding a delay time knob? Delay is normally between roughly 150ms & maybe 1500 ms depending on the type of delay (Analog delay goes up to 1000ms, yet digital or tape can go beyond that)… Anyhow, multiply [r knob"number] by 1500 or so and hook it up to [vd~ “name” “number”]… Should need a delay, here’s a simple stereo delay abstraction I’ve made for some pacth. It’s not super sophisticated, but should do the trick…

delay~.pd (1.8 KB)

Regarding mix knob: Make two [ *~ ] objects and have [r knob"number"] go directly into the first one (right inlet). Then make a [expr 1 - $f1] object, feed knob into it and hook it up to the second [ *~ ] object (right inlet). Voilà, you made a mix knob… now you just have to hook audio up to the [ *~ ] objects…

Hope this helps…

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This helps a ton! Thanks! :pray: