UNTZtrument Grid Controller

hey there!
I’m new to the Organelle family and stumbled upon the UNTZtrument Grid Controller.
It’s basically a up to 8x16 USB-Midi Grid Controller kind of like the monome grid.

It is not the same as the monome grid, but its similar and cheaper.
And since it as the exact same length as the organelle it seems like a perfect buddy!

Does anyone ever tried the UNTZtrument, heard anything or thought about it?

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Ive not seen one, but I looked at the details when doing a norns port a while back…

its looks cool, but is not varibright (so buttons are either lit or not) , which is a pity as thats pretty useful if you want to convey a bit more info.

what my be fun, is using 4 of Neotrellis boards…

these give 24 bit colour … and the pricing is good…

but its a DIY project, so you’d have to get an enclosure made up (this is not that difficult these days)