Updating Organelle's OS Version?

Sorry if I missed this somewhere but, I tried searching this forum as well as the manual, and I didn’t see an answer to this anywhere… how do I know if I have the latest OS on my Organelle? Is there a way/procedure to updating the OS? And when/if this occurs, does it get posted here in the forums or an email sent out to registered users?

My Organelle says it has version 1.1, so that means everyone who bought version 1.0 had to have updated at one time, but I can’t seem to find any threads regarding this updating procedure (unless C&G released this at version 1.1?) Just thought I’d ask…

Where does your organelle say version 1.1? I’d be curious to know…

For upgrading the OS, I found a version 1.1 disk image here:

Not sure what’s new though. @oweno anything worth checking out in OS version 1.1?

When you scroll to then select the “Info” screen, it will show the version number of your Organelle.

The first batch of Organelles shipped with v1.0. There were minor changes between v1.0 to v1.1, so it isn’t official update.

When there is an update with features added or other major changes we’ll have procedure for updating (probably in the form of a patch that you run and it handles the update).


Good to know, thanks!

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