Organelle OS 4.1 - what's new?!

I have v 4.0
Organelle OS 4.1 - what’s new?!
should I update to 4.1 ?!?!

I’m quite sad - tried to eject the internal sd card and failed :frowning:
any tips to do that ?! any ways to update OS via network or USB ?!?!


Duh! OS 4.1 is existing? Is it for Organelle M only or also for Organelle 1?

GitHub has some answers:

It’s a “minor release to update factory patches”

good to hear is minor
because I cant eject my sdcard :frowning:
I pushed it with a lot of things and it doesnt want to come out :frowning:
any tips ?!

Has this been officially announced yet? Or is 4.1 still work in progress?

There have been quite a bunch of patches been updated due to midi issues. I installed the whole collection from the recommended zip file:

Although, there were a couple of more or less faulty patches among them at that time - especially those that implement FX13 code. The corresponding patches from the official patch directory were ok, however.

OS 4.1 is official for Organelle M. The only changes are updates to the factory patches fixing MIDI clock issues and other small problems. Organelle 1 will also have similar release at which point there will be more official announcement.