Organelle OS 4.1 - what's new?!

I have v 4.0
Organelle OS 4.1 - what’s new?!
should I update to 4.1 ?!?!

I’m quite sad - tried to eject the internal sd card and failed :frowning:
any tips to do that ?! any ways to update OS via network or USB ?!?!


Duh! OS 4.1 is existing? Is it for Organelle M only or also for Organelle 1?

GitHub has some answers:

It’s a “minor release to update factory patches”

good to hear is minor
because I cant eject my sdcard :frowning:
I pushed it with a lot of things and it doesnt want to come out :frowning:
any tips ?!

Has this been officially announced yet? Or is 4.1 still work in progress?

There have been quite a bunch of patches been updated due to midi issues. I installed the whole collection from the recommended zip file:

Although, there were a couple of more or less faulty patches among them at that time - especially those that implement FX13 code. The corresponding patches from the official patch directory were ok, however.

OS 4.1 is official for Organelle M. The only changes are updates to the factory patches fixing MIDI clock issues and other small problems. Organelle 1 will also have similar release at which point there will be more official announcement.


hi everybody
I’m new here…just bought an organelle M two days ago
pretty happy to be an organelle owner!
I’ve discovered that mine has the new OS 4.1 and have to say that something weird happens to the screen with a few patches (not yet tried all the patches) even the encoder is very touch sensible…wondering if can be OS bugs or hardware related
have you experienced some kind of issues too with the new OS?
which video format can I use to post videos here?
I’d like to show you what I’m talking about…mov seems not working well

@vins Thanks for getting an Organelle M!
This doesn’t sound related to the OS. Please contact us directly.

thanks for fast answering!
going to write down an email

wrote down an email almost a week a go…still no answer from your side…

This might be a long shot… but it sounds like you might have opened CA filter? It has a weird looking animation for the filter sequences. The learning curve for the organelle is really steep I found, and this page is full of nerds lol. hope you enjoy the new toy!

I was more talking about zone & czz but not only those two…they (c&g) just answered saying are working to solve this kind of issues occurring between 1 and M versions
I’ve also noticed the transport control via midi works only receiving and not transmitting…
tried out on elektron model samples sending play&stop well captured from organelle
but in the opposite direction organelle doesn’t send play&stop messages from almost any seq present in quite a few patches…
(just for a couple of patches work well)
it sends only notes…
hope to quickly solve these issues
it’s a great instrument!
looking forward to dig into it for the next years

Where can I download this ? I can only see v3 on the site.

You’re asking about the OS for Organelle 1, right? (based on your question from yesterday on another thread)

If so, the current Organelle 1 OS is version 4.0:
Follow update instructions here in Section 7.1 of the Organelle 1 Manual.

Yes I was and thank you for your help (and patience!)