Using A Video Scope Live With a Band

Hi there. I just found out about the video scope and thought it would be a great addition to my band’s live performances. I was curious how one would use it with a full band (bass, drums, guitar) in a live setting? How would you hook up the audio?


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Board Mix to input i would assume

Contact mic on a snare drum or something could be cool.

the contact mic is a good idea. the video scope definitely works best with a single simple element feeding it: bass, or snare drum, or vocal. Feeding the whole mix can be visually monotonous.

I got one for my Eurorack made by Roland. RT30k works really well

Thanks @Wannop, @oweno, and shreeswifty Ok cool. Thanks for the help. If I wanted to connect my guitar to the video scope, how would I do that? I run my guitar through some pedals and I use an amp. Since there is only an audio input and no output how would I connect to the video scope? Would I have to use a pedal with two inputs/outputs?

Does your amp have any output jacks like ext speaker or anything? You could use a little mixer otherwise or a pedal with two outs like you say.

Hi @ethan,

The Video Scopes are designed to go at the end of an audio signal chain. Using a pedal with two outputs would work. Or you could use a mixer to separately send the audio to the Video Scope and your amp. Or you could use a Y-splitter as shown here connected to the top left of the drum machine:

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