Video Scope for a Live VJ Set with CDJ's


I want to use the video scope to connect to a live DJ set. I want to connect it to CDJ’s (Pioneer 2000’s or similar), as well as to a projector. What equipment/leads do I need for this?

Also does the video scope have capability to process my own film through it? I usually use the software Resolume Arena for my VJ sets so it would be great to find a way to connect these two.

Please let me know if you have any advice!

Processing Film is a pretty expensive, there are still a few places in manhattan and in LA that you can send your film for processing. What did you shoot ? I know 16mm with sound is probably the most expensive.

Thanks for your interest in the Video Scope!

Here’s a connection diagram that would suit your needs:
35 PM

If you are using a computer for visuals too, you might want to use the ETC video synth and a HDMI video mixer like the Roland V1HD.

The video synths we make do not process incoming visuals.


Thanks so much for your help! Do i need to purchase any leads to connect the Video Scope to the CDJ’s/Mixer?
And do you think this one would work better with electronic music as opposed to the Rythmn scope?

The Video Scope only comes with a power supply. You will need to supply all other cables.

It is an aesthetic choice: The Rhythm Scope is listening for events (triggers) to advance to the next screen so it works best if you send it isolated tracks (just drums for example).