Using an SD card for patches

you need to remount the root filesystem as read-write before editing the file

you can do this with


Thank you SO MUCH :relieved:

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Mine is working perfectly, thanks!
Now I tried to install OTC in this same SD, but it’s not working. I think it’s trying to ger the Modes folder frim the USB stick but it’s not finding the correct path. Is it possible to do?

Not true, I use OTC off the sdcard exclusively , no usb stick :slight_smile:

So you’ve added a Modes folder on the SD card?
I’ve tried that, will try again.
Happy to know it works! Thanks

Uhm, I’ve installed OTC_Mother on the SD Card, copied Modes folder to the SD too.
When I run OTC Mother my HDMI monitor shows the ETC logo (as expected) and the Organelle display says:
running OTC
modes : /sdcard

But it stops there.

The otc_mother.log last line is ImportError: No module named pygame

Any ideas?
Should I try to install it all over again from the beginning?

We now have formatted SD card disk image available for download:


How do I put patches on the newly formatted 16GB SD using a computer? I do have a linux OS to make things easier, but I don’t have a WIFI adapter yet. The Same goes for the USB stick. I don’t yet have my organelle. I bought a used one from a guy on ebay but it does not have a USB with patches, only the SD. Do the patches need to be in zip format and added to the Patch folder or do they need to be un-ziped? I want to be prepared to use it as soon as I get it. Thanks

The patches don’t need to be zipped, they are just folders. they need to be inside the “Patches” folder at the root level of the USB drive or SD card. If you have a computer with linux OS you can use a card reader to put patches on the SD card (make sure to mount the second partition, the first contains the root filesystem)

Is there a way to move or copy the Patches installed on the USB to the SD? Now that we have the capacity for large capacity SD cards It seems like there should be a convenient way to move the patches to it for those without wifi. I CAnnot copy to the sd card in my Kubuntu installation because Dolphin File manager throws an error that the folder could not be created. I don’t know much about linux but I suspect that there is an issue with permissions on the formatted SD card. Any suggestions on how to get these patches internalized?

yes, the patch directory is owned by root, so when you mount on another Linux box, you will need to copy as root, e.g. using sudo

usb copy - you could very easily write a ‘system script’ that did an rsync or copy between the usb drive and the patches directory on the sdcard.
note: becareful if your not using wifi, the times on sdcard files will not be correct, as there is no RTC.

…this brings me to ‘patch management’ and why wifi is the better option (as well as more convenient)

its not really just enough to keep copying stuff over to the sdcard, at some point your going to want to delete, rename, add folders…
its not really practical to do this on the Organelle LCD, its just too small.
so, if you do this with usb, it means using rsync to keep a mirror copy, and thats a pain, and easily to get things to disappear.
(and as mentioned above, the fact that the timestamps are not accurate makes this even more difficult)

but with wifi there is the ‘web server’ that includes the filemanager app to allow you to do all these things, as well as upload patches.

so yeah, wifi whilst not a requirement, is much more convenient, and a cheap dongle is only something like $15 :slight_smile:

Thanks for that information. I did purchase a dongle and installed it but have not yet had much time to utilize the organelle. I did discover that Paragon Software has a Program called ExtFS for windows that allows access to Ext formatted sd cards to transfer files.

yeah. but its still pretty inconvenient to pop out the sdcard.
(I have to do this fairly regularly for development purposes :slight_smile: )
… you will occasionally drop it into the organelle, which then means taking it apart to retrieve the card. (, not difficult but takes a bit of time)

Hey Mark,
I am still unable to find a way to download the necessary mother.pd needed for this SD only modification to work. Can you please point me in the direction? I am sorry if i missed a sign post along the way… :slight_smile:

? not sure what your referring to…

OS 3.1 supports running patches off the SD card directly, no special mother.pd is needed.

if you have not done so, perhaps follow this thread to update:

he following might also be useful