Using an SD card for patches


you need to remount the root filesystem as read-write before editing the file

you can do this with



Thank you SO MUCH :relieved:


Mine is working perfectly, thanks!
Now I tried to install OTC in this same SD, but it’s not working. I think it’s trying to ger the Modes folder frim the USB stick but it’s not finding the correct path. Is it possible to do?


Not true, I use OTC off the sdcard exclusively , no usb stick :slight_smile:


So you’ve added a Modes folder on the SD card?
I’ve tried that, will try again.
Happy to know it works! Thanks


Uhm, I’ve installed OTC_Mother on the SD Card, copied Modes folder to the SD too.
When I run OTC Mother my HDMI monitor shows the ETC logo (as expected) and the Organelle display says:
running OTC
modes : /sdcard

But it stops there.

The otc_mother.log last line is ImportError: No module named pygame

Any ideas?
Should I try to install it all over again from the beginning?


We now have formatted SD card disk image available for download: