USB drive patch storage


Does anybody know why my flash drive is doing this once it’s reloaded? Haven’t stuck a single new patch on it yet… panicked that all my stuff had gone… I followed the manual, top folder is called “patches” and is formatted correctly…

There is no hurry here, all my stuff is safe as I said… annoyingly i dont have spare to hand to try another

Is it ‘patches’ or ‘Patches’ on your drive? The folder name is case-sensitive and should be ‘Patches’.

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Patches… sorry my bad…

Thanks for clarifying.

So you downloaded some patches and copied to a folder called ‘Patches’ at the root level of a FAT-formatted drive, right? Then you inserted into Organelle M and selected ‘Reload’ and that’s when you see the ‘No Patches Found’ message above? Can you send a photo of your drive’s file directory?

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Hi @chrisk sorry for the delay… I assume this is what you mean, ![57|690x430]


or this?

Oh sorry -
I meant a screenshot from Finder of ‘OrgPat’ file structure showing /OrgPat/Patches/Analog Style…

Ah okay, I deleted them at the problem… they are still all on the SD… does the USB by chance override the SD?

Yes, the Organelle will look¹ for a Patches folder in the top level of a connected USB drive - if it finds that folder, that’s where the Organelle will load patches from².

¹ To have the Organelle load patches from the USB drive, the drive must either be connected to the Organelle before it powers up. If you insert a USB drive after booting, you must select Reload in the Storage menu to refresh the list of patches.

² If the Patches folder on USB drive is empty, you will get a ‘No Patches Found’ message.


I have had issues with using the Organelle M on SD card storage alone, or rather using the SD card for patches, as I’ve only really been able to use the Organelle with a USB drive attached.

I have no issue doing this but if I decide to use USB-MIDI functionality I need to open up a slot.

Not to hijack the thread but I believe I have had a similar problem in transferring patches to the SD card from the USB drive, and relying solely on the SD card.

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@LazyLion I know you had some issues with unzipping incorrectly formatted .zip folders. Are describing something different here?

Can you fire up the WiFi File Manager and take a screenshot of the contents of /SDcard/Patches and share it here?

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Yes, this is different. I’m not sure if it was you or someone else but I think it had to do with there not being an adequate file directory in the .zip files.

As for the file manager, I’ll do so when I get home in a few hours, although I am slightly reluctant as any time I’ve booted up the Organelle on SD alone, things start to go awry :upside_down_face:

I’ll be in touch,

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@LazyLion re midi settings … and other things

tl;dr - you need to setup you midi for the sdcard when a usb stick is not inserted;

environments - usb stick / sd card

hen you attach a USB drive it does not just override the patch directory,
it actually overrides the whole ‘environment’.

what does the environment mean in this context?
what does it include?

so the environment is how the organelle is configured and what patches are available.
it includes:

  • what patches are available ( /Patches )
  • what system extras available (/System)
  • orac etc that use media and data directory for samples etc,
  • which midi devices/channels are used for pd (aka
  • any system override of pure data options (/System/pd-opts.txt)
  • any override of mother.pd (/System/mother.pd)

the idea is pretty simple,
if you save a setup on the USB thats working, then it doesn’t matter what you do to the sdcard - it will still work next time you use it. moreover, you could have different usb sticks with different setups.
this is kind of ideal for performance setups. (albeit usb is slower than sdcard)

the ‘disadvantage’ is you have to be aware than anything you install with the USB installed, will be installed the USB stick not the sdcard … but thats kind of the point, to maintain two separate environments.

(you can of course copy things between the sdcard/usb stick using the patch manager)

you can switch between the usb and sdcard, without using remove the usb stick, using storage>eject and reload

what is not included in the ‘environment’?
any system level software/runtime environment
e.g. if you upgrade pure data or the the Organelle OS, this is for everything.


Some very useful information here, thank you very much.

A few things:

You mention MIDI Devices / Channels; I’m not sure if you have an Organelle M or not, but how do I set up the Organelle M to send/receive MIDI? Do I need to connect it to a monitor and mess around in the terminal?

I’m in conversation with chrisk about loading patches onto the SD card. I have tried to do this several times, each time with serious issues (i.e. my Organelle will turn on but won’t load - is blank, or no patches will show). chrisk mentioned that you should be able to cut/copy patches onto the “Patches” folder. Do I need to use the FOLDERS themselves or just the .zip / .zop files? I am hesitant to move things and mess with the SD card, but I know that it should be seamless and streamlined…

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yes I have an Organelle-M :slight_smile:

menu -> settings -> midi setup

for most patches, copying the Patch folder is enough…
however, its is better to re-install from the zip/zop file to the sdcard.

e.g. Orac would not work if you just copied the patch folder from the usb drive to the sdcard :wink:

there should have been no problems installing patches on to the sdcard - if there is, then this is what needs resolving!
there is no general issue in doing this, so its either a ‘process’ issue (I how its being done), or an issue with a specific patch (perhaps not being packaged correctly)

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I’m going to go on my lunch break here in a couple of hours and I’ll try to copy my patches to… my ‘Patches’ (on the SD, from the USB drive).

I’ll be in touch about what happens. Wish me luck.

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Are you using the WiFi adapter and web file manager to do this? If so, you can just copy direct from your computer (assuming patches are still on your computer). A USB Drive is not needed for patch management.

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Yes that is correct. I’ll be using a WiFi adapter.

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It worked! I guess before I may have been trying to transfer something other than the .zip/.zop files.

Onto my final task - getting MIDI set up and in sync.

Thank you both very much for your help.

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I have a USB drive inserted, I understand that I need to Reload/Eject to switch between SD and USB drive, but what is the procedure for copying patches from the SD to USB or vice versa?

Do I do it over wifi with the web server/VNC or can it be done on the Organelle itself, and possibly a(nother) dumb question but lets say I have a sampler patch with my own samples, I want to save it but not to overwrite the original, so I select save as new, but then am I free to rename the new version?

I think so, but wanted to check first just to be sure.

Also thinking ahead here, but can I have a bunch of folders each with name of patch like say Loop Jam Rec which contains different saves of the patch.

Again I think I can but would rather know for certain before proceeding.


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