Using more than one USB device with the Organelle

Today I tried connecting an iConnectMIDI2, a QuNeo and a Nanokontrol to the Organelle using a USB hub (unpowered). It did not recognize any one of them. When I connect a single device, it is recognized. Is this normal? Any way to connect more than one USB peripheral? Would powering the USB hub make a difference?


Are the devices turning on? do they have LEDs or anything to indicate they are on? Could be power issue. Does 1 work connected to hub? do 2 work?

I’ll try that today and let you know.

Yes it was a power issue :slight_smile:

@oweno posting here bc I have a similar setup and having trouble getting this USB hub to work:

QuNexus lights up but no communication with Organelle - and NanoKontrol doesn’t even light up. I’ve tried it both with the power adapter plugged in and without. Is there anything I could be missing? Thanks for any help!