Videos Please!

Hey everyone, this is more of a request/discussion.

There are a TON of amazing Organelle patches floating around these days, but honestly, it’s becoming really challeneging to sort through them all and figure out how they all work. It’s especially difficult when many of them work in very different ways (single menus, multipage menus, key-triggered, different aux functionality, etc, etc), and they don’t have manuals.

There are a number of patches that I’ve been really excited about only to load them up and have no idea how to use them. It would be amazing if either the patch creators or some other kind soul(s) could make some videos demonstrating how to actually use all these patches. The bonus would be getting to actually hear the patches before downloading/installing them. It’s pretty time consuming to download and install patch after patch just to find ones that I like.

Would other people want this too? Is there an Organelle ninja out there with some video skills?


time consuming to install patches? … have you tried making videos, now thats what i call time consuming :wink:

im only jesting you, Ive experience the same, where Ive had times where I’ve ended up opening up the patches in PD to work out how a patch works, or why it doesn’t.

Aaha! @OneRoomStudios is the :candy: “Candy Store” one just have to go there everyday and “taste” some :candy:patches ;-):lollipop:
Everyones taste is different in the end…

Alternatively patch designers could be encouraged to place a ‘read me’ text file ( micro manual) within the zip file.

Agreed on all fronts. A “read me” would go a long way. A video might be even better. I would definitely settle for a “read me” with some sound clips. If we do go in the way of videos, I’m a fan of the format where there’s little/no talking and just captions :slight_smile:

Also, if your patch features a sound source with a sequencer, it would be really nice to remove all the note information from the sequencer before posting the patch (is that possible?) so it doesn’t start playing the same random sequence every time I load the patch.

You know you can write readmes for them too, or edit the patches as you wish Pd lets you do whatever you want really

Another factor is that I think there are two (or more) different kinds of Organelle users. There are those who see it and use it as an experimental playground/development platform, and those who use it more as an (infinitely) flexible instrument (and of course, folks who do both).

Personally, I’m more of the second type. I appreciate the ability to create patches and experiment and edit functionality, etc, but honestly, I’m more interested in using the Organelle to make music and leave the development to other (smarter) people. For folks like me - who want to spend their time exploring the functionality of a patch in a musical context rather than building/editing the patches themselves - it’s a big hurdle when a patch doesn’t come with some kind of readme/manual/video, etc.

i see it as we are all on a blue ship sailing off from Blandelvania to Creationia and if you dig a certain patch or at least as the patches i make are concerned there is usually a discourse that goes with them; Sometimes an homage, sometimes a new synthesis technique is explored and often if you read the thread you will know explicitly HOW to for the most part and i will if possible answer questions and make changes to bugs, customize etc. But i admit i have zero interest in making documentation so someone stepping up and accepting that role is what is truly needed. Now if you order or commission one there is a dialogue that goes on [but usually YOU are the one designing that stuff [as we both know :slight_smile: but i would love if someone wanted to step into the role as Organelle~ scribe hehehehe. When you cats hear the new stuff you’re gonna all need fresh diapers or nappies as tehy say downunda in Straya. …

I get it - video production is difficult (to do it justice) and documenting it is tedious.

That being said, I hate it when things don’t work like they “should”. A simple explanation of what does what and how to interact with it goes a long way. I mean, what if we are missing the best part of your patch?

Me in particular, I’m usually not in a position to do any Pd editing even if I knew what I was doing. When I’m finally ready to sit down and jam, I’m not really going to hook up my monitor, start Pd, and try and figure out why MIDI isn’t working on this particular sampler. I just want to jam, man. :slight_smile:

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