Organelle Patching Tutorial Videos


Here are some simple tutorials covering the basics of making a Pd patch for the Organelle!

The example patches are available here.

If you are new to Pd you should also check out a general Pd tutorial like this one.

Happy Patching!

Setting up a MIDI-Controller for Organelle (AKAI APCKey25)

These are great, thanks! Really appreciate the effort and the ‘for total noobs’ angle. Slowly starting to learn PD but there’s a lot to read/watch and available time to devote to it is in super short supply. Stuff like this helps a lot with the first steps/focusing what I’ve already learned in a way that makes sense for organelle. Like I’d began messing with it on a surface Pro but after watching these vids I’m thinking I wanna hook organelle up to a monitor and take that approach. Cheers!


P. S Hoping you guys find some time to continue the series and gradually cover some other stuff like sampler, sequencer, multiple pages, external midi etc. Tho hopefully I’ll have got a grip on that stuff from elsewhere in the meantime. Thanks again!


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This is huge :slight_smile: So psyched this is happening.
Just scanned through some videos before work and just that info on knob smoothing and values sent to screen - so useful!


Thank you so much for this! Organelle is already revolutionary in my music. I’m super psyched as well!


This is great! Pd can seem quite daunting to someone with no real knowledge but these tutorials have definitely eased those worries and I shall hopefully be making patches of my own real soon.


This is amazing. Thanks so much. When I bought the Organelle, i didn’t realise quite what a great tool/toy I was buying. To be honest I bought it off the back of cool aesthetic and a few nice sounds on the Knobs video. But it turns out I’ve bought something that is going to introduce me to an entirely new musical universe.


Thanks for all this, its now also mention on Synthopia :wink:


Thanks a lot!!!
Very usefull material!