Weekend rjdj nostalgia

I LOVED RJDJ and they disappeared after bringing Pd to the iphone
but the internet never forgets and neither do i :slight_smile:Amenshake.zip (1.3 MB)

CanOfBeats.zip (929.7 KB)

Or would you prefer a whole can of Beats?

hahaha perhaps
blips.zip (31.6 KB)
Break it down with some blips

and ghostwave it

GhostWave.zip (1.1 MB)

All yr interwebs Are mine.

enjoy a trip down memory lane


amen and blips are ace!

any chance of some hints for this one in particular? the tempo changes and the sound does too whereas the rhythm seems fixed (one-two …one-two etc). is that the idea? or is there a way to change the rhythm?

Press aux a bunch of times if should do the trick. Seriously

Btw in case you never fooled with them RJDj was pd for the iPhone by a company that started making apps for movies like the inception app as I recall and these were written for iPhone3 as I recall so they do one thing really well. If you look at them you’ll get ideas regarding economy and that very good for Organelle for sure

yes. okay. thanks. that changes the sound. however, the rhythm remains the same.

i’m learning stuff from a low base. so in the ‘rj’ folder on CanOfBeats there is a lot of stuff and i’m guessing the patch is only using some of it. if one wanted to experiment with all those bits and pieces how would one go about it?

removing anything from that folder will immediately reformat your harddrive

i best not mess then. : )

they may work feel free, you can google RJDJ and probabaly find all the files you may be missing ones you need in there to get others things working, i will have a whole set “organelified” in the Shree essential libs coming soon

I think I’ll wait then.

I still wonder if there’s a typo or missing connection to get different rhythms in CanOfBeats if you do get chance to look at that one.

anyway, thanks.

Fun patches!
Blips and Amenshake :muscle:

almost all of them need audio in to work fully btw

Amenshake is dope! Seems to be at about 149bpm in case anybody wants to play anything in rhythm with it with other stuff.

alot of these are one trick ponies so feel free to tweak them as needed