New C&G Organelle Patches


We just put up some new patches!

Drone 1 – a simple harmonic drone synth
Nori Grains – granulizing randomizing sampler
Steppy Delay – weird little step-between-notes with delay

download em here:


So good. Love this thing!

(Edit: I can’t get Drone 1 to sound anything like your demo though… help!)


Here’s a demo video of the Nori Grains patch with some instruments around the C&G studio:


Is Nori Grains a granular sampling app?

What parameters do the assignable knobs control?


Yes! Nori Grains is a granular synth! Here’s an OLED screenshot of what the knobs do:

From the repository: The Nori Grains sampler allows you to record a sound and create a randomized polyphonic grain cloud from the sound. Press and hold the Aux button to record (minimum 0.5 sec - maximum 6 seconds). Each key will activate a grain voice that fades in and out. The fade in / out time is controllable with knob 3 from <1 sec to over 60 seconds allowing you to create a slowly evolving grain clouds. The other knobs control density, detuning, and grain size.


New Patches! check out Phase Vocoder and Vocoder RL for some crazy sound processing



…i need just one example how the Aux Button would act like a Page button to go from Synth to Filter to Reverb to Amp or something. So that the 4 knobs control just the Page you see.

that would be a Modular Killer. :slight_smile:


My Pd-Grids patch implements a multiple parameter pages as you describe: Mutable Instruments Grids on Organelle


…yeah that’s really cool!

really fast delivered what i thought is super handy! :slight_smile:


I just wanna post a patchrequest here. All humble and bumble - but I live in sweden and here we are in deep snow like all the fucking time… So I would love a intricate and superspecial tremolopatch! :open_mouth: :smiley:


This is us a few weeks ago (50 cm snowfall in a day):


ohoj! So you also need a sharp trempatch to cut thru that snow !? Haha


There is a simple tremolo patch in rjlib:

You could start from there and add anything you need.


Im really really really new at pd. So I guess this is perfect! I´ll just try to understand stuf ! :slightly_smiling:


I know its great with the A-Z system, but maybe the site should be optimized so you can choose to scroll in latest-newest also?! Would be freakkin awesome


Here’s a demo of the Phase Vocoder patch with electric guitar input:


Another new drum machine patch, Pow Pow’s Polybeats


@TheMagpie yes we need to get the list sorted by latest, we’ll try to get that working


I have a simple tremolo patch working on my Mac with the mother-desktop patch that I took from this and applied the Organelle knobs to the sliders.

Should get Organelle delivered tomorrow so will double check it works and then upload it hopefully. Good upward learning curve tonight!


Fuck yeah :smiley: thats awesome


This is crazy!! super thanks!