What patch is this? Teebs

This is Teebs, he uses a pocket piano/organelle on this track, anyone know what patch it is?Teebs - 'The Endless' - YouTube

It’s the same song as the first track here, right?

He’s using a Pocket Piano in the video above, but you can get a similar pattern with the Organelle’s Arpeggio Synth mode.


YES! i love it and tbh it was the reason I got an organelle because they look amazing and sound incredible.

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also realized pocket piano and organelle are two separate things!


There’s also different versions of the pocket piano- some have MIDI some don’t, and some have a hold feature :slight_smile:

thanks so much for the info everyone, just bought the small organelle, been playing with it for a few days now, it is amazing and I bought a book on it to learn how to create and load patches.

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