Look a lot like an Organelle

Hey :slight_smile:

Found this kind of funky music clip today, where there is an instrument that looks an awful lot like an Organelle. But when zooming in, it looks like it has got cable connections on top of it, not on the backside, like Organelle has. But seriously, look art the video/picture, almost identical layout, except some knob placement and input/out placement and 2 knobs missing.


Is this a prototype, maybe fro before Organelle was officially released? Maybe it looks a bit like pocket piano, but it looks like there is a display where it lightd up and pocket piano doesn’t have a display.

What do you think?

looks to me like a pocket piano, and a camera that can’t cope very well with lighting conditions, so is over exposing on the LEDs :wink:

Yeah I kind of concluded that too, after looking a bit closer a few times. But I couldnt delete my thread again.

How does one delete a whole thread, for future error correctioning?

That’s the pocket piano without midi… vulfpeck are great, c&g as well!!

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