Where will the community put Organelle patches?

I think it would be really nice to have a standard way of submitting patches to a community patch repository. They may need to be reviewed, or some standard needs to be defined, so that we don’t end up with a bunch of cruft in the repo.

To implement an auto-magic synchronization of the archive would be great, but perhaps trivial enough to do on our own as long as we have a repository to pull from.

These are good ideas, and we’ve been thinking about how this will work too. As we’ve been developing patches internally we gravitated toward a kind of development/production model. So really two repos, one with works in progress, and one that holds finished patches. This kind of setup might work well for a community site as well. Users upload ideas or works in progress, and then through some kind of review process a patch could get an approved status where it is ready for anyone to download and use.

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This is a very good idea.

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So I found some patches on patchstorage. Is the community mainly using this site?

Only place I know other than this site!

But there’s plenty of pure data resources including http://forum.pdpatchrepo.info/ and google will find lots of others that have patches than can easily be adapted to the Organelle.

Can I ask - I keep seeing that phrase - easily adapted to organelle - it seems like that would be a good place to start as far as learning PD is concerned (I am certified in C/C++ but that was two careers ago)… is there any tips or hints about what needs to be adapted? It seems like theres lots of existing things that someone with some spare time could whip up pretty quickly if the process is that simple :slight_smile:

There is a chapter about that in the manual.
But I think it would be great if there was a Youtube tutorial or step by step guide on how to prepare a pd patch for Organelle :relaxed:

hmmm… I’ll deffo check that in the manual… I read it a bit and then got distracted playing :smiley:

I’ll read it again and then try a few conversions… if i can figure it out maybe I’ll make a little video :slight_smile:

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The Mother Desktop is the home patch on the Organelle that basically handles audio, midi, knobs and screen (so sound comes out the back, the keys work, the knobs do something useful and the screen shows something nice).

So adapting a non-Organelle pure data patch is just routing ins, outs and text to Mother Desktop patch.

Sometimes that’s quite easy. Just change the audio out means you can hear something on a noise generating patch!

Tweaking an existing patch with Organelle is a good starter. It probably says all the above more clearly in the manual but I’m not good at reading manuals :slight_smile:

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