Place for us to exchange Organelle patches

Hello guys,

I am one of the members behind - the place for pd enthusiasts to explore and share their pd projects.

We could add Organelle as separate platform and add custom tags for “work in progress” & “finished” patches. Also other users could suggest their versions.

So, what do you think guys? What kind of features you would like to see?
I think with your support we can make this happen.



Looks awesome, build it and I will submit patches!

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Sweet! That’s a great project!

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Actually that might be very useful when searching for something specific or sharing with others :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks guys for your good words. During past few weeks we have been talking with Owen about best ways of integrating Organelle patch support to our website. And I am glad to say, that first steps are already made.

From now on you can share your Organelle patches directly on PatchStorage and what’s best is that you can choose from different project states - work in progress, ready to go and help needed. So if you are stuck with your patch, just share it on PatchStorage and you will get help from our community.

Check it out

And if any of you have any kind of suggestions, I would be more than happy to hear them.

Update: We have just added Explore section to our site. From now on you can easily filter patches based on their category, state or platform.


Great! I’m eagerly awaiting new patches that aren’t from C&G…


Us too! We’re excited to see what everyone makes!

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I just opened today an Organelle user-group on Facebook. If there are Facebook-users who like to join, please do so. I could imagine, that we will share there not only patches, but also pictures, live-usage and stuff. Feel free to join!

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