Organelle Pd Community

About to grab an Organelle. Just wondering how active the organelle Pd community is atm? I checked out[]=organelle&orderby=date&wpas_id=my-form&wpas_submit=1

Is that where everything community born gets hosted/listed? Only could find like 11 patches in past 3 months and some of those are tweaks to factory patches. I’m about to start learning PD but from what I’ve been told it’s relatively easy to pick up and quick to work with? Surprised to not see more patches being developed? Is there another website to find more of what users are making?

Pretty quiet then… :wink:

Looking forward to putting some patches together.

its still a small community which limits the number of publically shared patches

the biggest reason tho? widespread availability of pd tools online

when nearly any patch can be modified to function on this platform most folk find it easier to tweak than create from scratch