Why no On/Off?

I have the Organelle 1 since just few days but I have to complain a bit…
guys from Critter & Guitari, why the hell didn’t you place an on/off button on the back or so? Please no comment like “If this makes you unhappy you should have read the specs”. This is not spec, this is standard. The only musical instrument which has no on/off is my e-guitar so far. You could write in the shutdown message “you can switch it it off now” but “safe to remove power” seems to me a bad joke.
For me there is a big big difference between the Rasp and the Organelle: The money I paid for it. I would feel way better if it is off when it is down instead of expecting me to remove a cable, in 2019!

No pleasing some people. :unamused:

I don’t care, this is simply the truth. Nevertheless, I would be fine if there would be some free service, saying “uuups, we forgot this button, send it back to us and we fix it”. I think this will not happen, right?

Well, the organelle is anything BUT standard.

But actually I never thought it was that weird - most guitar pedals function the same way! Though yes, the organelle is not a guitar pedal…

Maybe use a power bar with a switch as a practical solution? Or a battery supply with a power button works too.

Sure, it is “not standard”. Otherwise it might not attract me. I have a solution, it is only powered if my gear is powered but how ridiculous is that: It automatically starts… and asks me to unplug… come on… no other gear I ever saw is constructed that way!
This normally fulfills my definition of rubbish, sorry!

  • But I will try it out. Sorry for the harsh words. Please let me know if there is any justification for the missing On/Off, thanks!

Perhaps you could give a justification for why it has moved you to such an emotional response. I agree, an On/Off switch is often expected in an electronic music device - but how does the lack of one affect you personally? Is it the principle that offends you?

On my desk right now, with no on/off button:

  • Organelle 1
  • Arturia Keystep
  • Mackie mixer

My life is hell, I tell you.


Well, I wouldn’t say it is often expected to have such a button. I would say it is always expected. For statistics, I could list now a million things which have such a button. This would be more scientific, less “emotional”. It would show that a normal electronic device has such a button.
Okay, but let us talk about, how it “offends me”.
First, the Organelle is basically a computer which is consuming power. I expect from my computers that I can switch them off if I like without pulling a cable, the latter is ridiculous (-> emotion).
To waste electrical power is the one, which might be okay for you but I think there is no need to harm the nature. I know, this effect is small but absolutely not necessary. PS: Did you ever check the temperature of the little white memory stick if the Organelle is switched on? What is about wear and tear? Doesn’t ithis count for Organelle?
The second which makes it even more ridiculous (-> emotion) is that if I shutdown the system which is recommended, see the manual, I can’t restart it with a button.
If it would be some standby or so, okay - but it is a Linux shutdown. The system expects a restart which can be done - guess? - by removing the power cord and reconnecting.
If you find my reaction for this issue or the words I found for it very emotional, okay. Your impression. I think it is more a description of what is normal and what is not, sort of analytic. The described behaviour is not normal and definitely not a feature.
For me it feels (emotionally) ridiculous.

A mixer without On/Off? Are you sure?

I agree the on/off switch is very useful on the organelle-m

That said,
I’ve lots of instruments that also don’t have one,
You’re the first person in 3 years, I’ve seen to have a ‘big’ problem with it,
(though I’m sure many would have liked one. )

If you’ve only just bought it, then you had the choice to choose the organelle-m which has it.
so if its important why not go for the M?

The idea that C&G should ‘compensate’ you for something that’s been that way for 3 years, and that was obvious when you bought it, seems a bit odd to me.

On a more practical note, if you can’t return and get an M - why not buy a DC switch - easy to find and costs a few cents. Not perfect but might help a bit.

Note: a switch like the one in the organelle-m could not be retro fitted , due to architecture differences in 1 vs M eg .org-1 has a separate micro controller to imx6 board, whereas org-m its all done thru the CM3

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yep, I’ve had it for 10 years, pretty sure.


I use a multi-power adapter with individual switches on it. It was very cheap!

I got one of these

Costs $4.

*Please double check on power specs, this may not be the exact unit I ordered.

Of course it’s not a feature. It’s just a trait. Just like an arduino, raspberry pi, midi controller or guitar pedal it powers on by plugging in. Unlike these things, you shut it down before disconnecting power. Arguably saves power by negating the chance of power leakage while plugged in surely?
I dunno mate. Sorry that I came off as patronising, that was unfair. It just never bothered me in the slightest and nobody has ever mentioned this as a bugbear before, that’s all. Don’t know what to tell you :man_shrugging:

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No, it is not a big deal to me. It is just that I was negatively surprised finding this out. It was even funny when my fingers touched the backside not seeing it and trying to press one of the screws.
The intention of my post was more to think about a slight design change which is already done in the M (which I didn’t know, thanks).
I am happy with my Organelle and won’t get an M so fast - and definitely not for this switch. I will probably solder a little adapter for the 9V with a little switch.

Awesome, thanks! I was thinking to solder it which I now definitely won’t do anymore. Thanks.

It is the right one. Thanks a lot. It was some felt incompleteness, don’t know what to say.

Enjoy! The same site makes the ripcord so you can power directly via usb

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The Ebay guy gave me already that cable. Tried it with my well tested Anker powerbank, has been going trough painfull days with Pokemon Go :wink: It supplies Organelle for hours, I run a test :slight_smile:

Buy the Organelle M. This has one.