Will there ever be better apps for Orac? (Organelle in general actually)

Rings and Clouds are awesome and will keep me happy for a long time but why isn’t anyone making any awesome patches for Orac. Technobear has done an amazing thing but it seems like Critter and Guitari are sleeping on this. They should have people working full time on making patches.
I feel like the Organelle could be a great platform, but right now it’s kind of like a half baked dinner.
Even Zoia that had only been out a little while has much more in depth, usable patches. Some could make good money if they made patches and sold them online. Not only for Orac either. All of the Organelle patches in general are meh in my opinion.
I wouldn’t know where to begin and I don’t want to learn cause I’d rather be making music. Now that Orgamelle M is out I hope C&G do something good with instead of making patches that are cool but almost toy like. Cmon guys give us something good will ya!??!!

Thanks for your input.

Have you checked out the user patches here? https://patchstorage.com/platform/organelle/
Videos demoing some patches from Patch Storage:

[I don’t purport to represent anyone but myself here. These opinions are strictly my own.]

Supporting Orac, a cross platform app which is set to revolutionize music making on much cheaper hardware than C&G produces, is not really C&G’s responsibility. It’s debatable, in fact, whether that’s even in their best interest.

(And who are these people you propose they assign to the task, full time?)

Don’t get me wrong, C&G do benefit from Orac’s growth. As does the rest of the community. It’s a community effort, and C&G is an active participant in that community. So, porting their work to Orac makes a certain amount of sense. But developing new stuff, I think they need to focus on the platform they own.

Perspective check, though:

You’re a member of the community, on equal ground with C&G in regards to Orac. You’re empowered to build apps, or change existing ones you feel might be lacking. You’re not required to, but that is sort of what we do around here, and simply announcing that everything sucks is a waste of energy.

(At the VERY least, you should ask after the type of app that you do want to see here. Don’t complain without offering suggestions.)

As for C&G’s “toy like” apps…

If you bought Organelle as a consumer device, you should have researched the supplied patches to confirm you had use for them, with the expectation that this was the complete platform and any further developments are just gravy.

This information was not withheld from you. There was no bait and switch. You simply bought something without checking to see what it was.

(Most of us, I think, don’t live in that world. We bought a system that runs pd apps headlessly because we wanted a very custom setup, and understood that we’d have to get our hands dirty to achieve that. So from that mindset, if we were buying something to just use as-is, we’d make damn sure we were excited about the product as-is before spending a cent on it.)

Anyway, yeah. I’m sorry you’re frustrated. I’d suggest learning pd, or getting friendly with the community at large (whom you should assume like the platform and aren’t motivated by insults).


And it won’t write songs for you either!
I couldn’t agree more with what @greaterthanzero said. I find great creative and sonic value in the patches c&g have made for the organelle. Particularly the effects, sampling and resampling patches. Lots of happy accidents, and a great way to find inspiration away from my computer. There’s no accounting for personal taste though. If the organelle is ‘meh’ to you or doesn’t do the things you want it to, just sell it to someone who will enjoy it and create with it - or if you still have curiosity… Do some exploring on patch storage and the c&g patch page. If you are more specific about what you want, people may be able to help you better. :slight_smile:


You can walk into the kitchen and a cook might want to share a meal (s)he cooked, or you can learn how to cook your own meal that suits your taste; either by making up your own recipe or modifying existing recipes. Other cooks might even be willing to lend you a hand. However just complaining that all the food taste like shit will more than likely get you nothing to eat.


unfortunately, i’d have to disagree with you on this.
there aren’t that many Organelle users (in the grand scheme of things), and only a small percentage of that would pay for a patch - and also what would they pay for it?
also, I think you underestimate the time taken to write more complex patches…

lets take it hypothetical example
I reckon $10 is the max you could charge for a patch, lets say you are lucky enough to get 50 people to buy… ok so $500 , yay a profit!

but hang on, how many hours did it take to develop?
lets say it took you 25 hours… which is not that long if you start to add things up, thats $20/hour … not very much for a software developer :wink:
… on top of the development time, you have to then support it… e.g. responding to questions, and inevitably because someone has paid for it, many will ‘expect’ it to have features added in the future.
this means further development time.

and honestly, I don’t even want to think how much time Ive spent developing Orac… its a lot of hours :wink:

I think users tend to forget the above is true for C&G, all the time they are spending developing patches (and they do release a lot !) - is costing them time/money too (salaries etc)

thats the other issue… the developers here (like me) are also musicians, we also want to spend time making music, not just writing software :wink:

yeah, I agree with this… I think its a balancing act for C&G

the reason I made Orac cross-platform is for a couple reasons:
a) so that I could develop organelle patches on a mac :slight_smile:
b) the idea that the orac community could build modules that then are shared across platforms.

(b) is still in its infancy, as I think the ‘remote interface’ aspect of Orac with the rPI has limited its growth/appeal a bit… (and only a small % of end-users will become patch developers)
Im shortly going to be releasing Orac on the Monome Norns, this like the Organelle has an immediate interface - so may be more appealing (and a DIY norns is going to be a cheap alternative)

I’ve also said, quite a few times, I don’t believe Orac is/should be the ‘only solution’ for the Organelle,
It’s not what everyone wants, some prefer self contained patches, that perhaps are more focused/self contained.
whilst Eurorack is trendy/popular, it has not diminished the demand for fixed architecture synths (e.g. moog have done very nicely with the grandmother, arturia the microbrute etc)

I love the organelle because its not prescriptive… it can do many things depending upon what you want from it.