3 Year Update

Hello again C&G Forum!
I’ve been MIA for almost 3 years now since having two kids back to back.
I’m just now getting back into the swing of actually getting to sit and play some music again. I’m just wondering if there’s anyone on here that’s been around and might be willing to give me some cliff notes on any changes/updates with Organelle M or maybe some cool patches or hacks I should check out.
I was kinda perusing through the forum, but all the posts I’ve missed makes it feel a little overwhelming to jump back in.
Any infos appreciated!

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Hi, have you made the 4.0 update to begin with? And then can you point out what kind of stuff you’re looking to make so I can think of a cool patch to recommend? Loopers, fx processors, samplers etc. installing the latest from C & G can get you going for a while. Patchstorage.com is the place for you as well. Select Organelle as the platform and then you’ll find many fun patches that you’ll find yourself short on time exploring.

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Yup! Is it still possible to run patches off the sd card? I saw a post about 8rack(?). Have you tried it out? Have there been many changes or updates to M since the 4.0 software?

I did the update long time ago and don’t remember what was the essential thing but it’s good to make it. Do think there has been any significant changes to the format since then.

Sure you can run patches from the sd card. That’s the main way I think, even though I believe you can also run them from a flash drive too. I’ve been trying and being successful with Orac and Orhack lately but quickly forgot how to use them if I don’t play around with them for a while. So lately I just go with the simpler patches that do mainly one thing.

Hey! Ive been working on 8rac but its still in development. I would recommend trying out Orhack until I get some additional kinks figured out (like it auto installing correctly…) There’s obviously a lot of additional modules that I think are worth checking out like Fausts DX7, Vitamin Lead, and tons of new patches for Organelle. The biggest developments have been in the furthuring of Orac. We cracked on how to use the multiple cores of the Organelle M and S which has allowed many more modules to be used. We used a naming convention like braids-pd at first to denote that it is a multicore patch but Orhack and 8rac have adopted just putting it as braids+ but there are a couple older modules in the orac patchstorage that have the -pd convention. Be sure to look out for updates to 8rac though as I hope to release another version soon!