Wireless HDMI connection...is it possible with the ETC?

HI Everyone,
I just received my uint…loving it so far …im planning to use it on a live set with hardware synths…and i m new to video…so i have a few doubts and hope you guys can throw some light on them…Ill go one by one on different posts…thanks in advance for this space.

can i Wireless connect the ETc to a projector? instead of using a HDMI cable doing it Wireless…im not sure if the wifi adapter can do this…

thanks guys.

this isn’t really possible, the video only comes out of the HDMI port

ok i see,
thanks for your reply mate.

I think a usual WHDI adapter set should do what you want. It consist of a sender, which transforms the cable based HDMI signal in a wireless signal, and the correspondig receiver translates the wireless signal back into a cable based HDMI-Signal.

thanks a lot for your reply!