New C&G Organelle Patches


I’m finding the visual feedback in these newer patches really useful. Doesn’t need much but for me, a little goes a long way




…you got it:

New! Segmenti
Segmenti records a sample, slices it up 24 ways, and assigns a slice to its respective Organelle key (1-24). Download & more info:


And there goes my day off work🙂 Thanks to all at c&g, another fantastic patch.


funny - I was intending to make a patch that did exactly this after being immersed in the new Jon Hassell record. (I used to do this technique back in the day with puredata)

Fantastic timing - and loving the use of graphics on the display!


You guys are on fire :slight_smile: really nice one !


segmenti is so fun!
cut up some of this stuff with it today:


Lovving the paintjob on the nanokontrol! :slight_smile: Did you take it apart to do this?


Loving these new patches the immediacy is brilliant. Thank you.

Would it be a big task to implement ping-pong playback of the slices rather than a forward loop? I find it often makes short loops more organic.


yep it was SUPER easy. took like an hour. highly suggested cuz shit is UGLY these days. haha.


It might be the best one yet. I mean, it’s amazing. Easy to use, yet full of possibilities.
Keep going please! Keep on with these ace samplers and effects!


What’s the Meng Qi device you have there?


it’s called the sidraw. it is a sidrax with vca’s on the outputs. 16 vca’s and pressure sensitive pads with left/right choices. i wuv it.


Love to hear how this sounds. Can I ask how you came about getting hold of it, was it a Meng Qi build?


it is a meng qi build! when i heard his album, “SIDROLZ”, i wrote him and asked if he would sell a sidrolz, or if he was gonna make more. he said he wasn’t but had a “sidraw” on the way. i was picking his brain cuz the sidrolz tape was amazing sounding, and those timbres were just absolutely haunting at times.
anyways, sorry to thread hijack. i made some awesome organelle stuff while i’ve been staying out on the coast the last week. good times.


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Segmenti Arp is in the building

The arpeggiating cousin of Segmenti, Segmenti Arp records a sample, slices it up 24 ways, and assigns a slice to its respective Organelle key (1-24). It then arpeggiates the pitch of the segment. There are nine arpeggio patterns to select from. The segment playback speed is adjustable and independent of pitch.

Download @


We just put up a stereo version of Segmenti Arp too!
Records a right & left track and arpeggiates them separately:


The Segmenti patches look great but I’m having trouble getting Segmenti Arp to function. When I load the patch, I just get a black screen with the volume indicators at the top. There’s no menu. I’m on the most updated OS version I believe. The regular Segmenti patch works fine.


@bradfromraleigh, if you are running OS 3.1, it could be that the patch files didn’t download or copy correctly. Can you delete the Segmenti Arp patch from your Organelle, download a new version and start again?