Mutable Instrument patches

Patches available on patch storage:

  • wrpbrds, v0.2, a synth / effect patch based on MI Warps (updated 8 Aug)
  • lmnts, v0.2 - physical model/effect based on MI Elements (update 8 Aug)
  • brds, v0.3 - synth based on MI Braids (updated 22 July)
  • clds, v0.4 - effect based on MI Clouds (updated 26 July)
  • rngs reverb ,v0.1- reverb from MI Rings
  • rngs chorus ,v0.1- chorus effect from MI Rings
  • rngs ensemble ,v0.1 - ensemble effect from MI Rings

How to use… generally the best place to start is the Mutable Instruments manuals, these explain the parameters, and also how they can be used, which can be surprising at times :wink:
apart from that…

lmnts : use keyboard to alter pitch/gate
clds: low C = freeze, low C# = trig , rest of keyboard alters pitch (no gate)
brds: use keyboard… note: 4 note poly, has a rings reverb for added space

Whats in a name : Ive named patches/externals after the Mutable Instruments eurorack module, but removed the ‘vowels’… to remind users, these are not endorsed, or replicas of the MI modules, and may contains errors/issues that I have introduced… also there are some ‘platform limitations’. if you want the real mccoy, buy a eurorack and head over to :slight_smile:

Special thanks to Oliver @ Mutable Instruments for being so generous to make all his source code open source.

my source code for externals etc, cross compiles on mac / linux (including organelle) / windows, it is open source, but I will be ‘releasing’ it once I consider it stable, and also once the interface to the externals is unlikely to change.
till then I consider all these as ‘betas’ so I recommend the externals are not used elsewhere, unless you are willing to update whenever I put out a new release. (for obvious reasons I dont want old, possibly buggy, versions out there)

Original Post :


some may of you may know I’m a keen fan of Axoloti , and that I help develop the software for it… and that included bringing some the Mutable Instruments eurorack modules to Axoloti.

well now, I have an Organelle - its Organelle’s turn :slight_smile:

you will find my patches/externals on patch storage here:

Im new to PD, and also creating PD externals., but Ive got started.

you will find 3 patches for Organelle:

  • rngs reverb - reverb from MI Rings
  • rngs chorus - chorus effect from MI Rings
  • rngs ensemble - ensemble effect from MI Rings

In keeping with what we have done on Axoloti , Ive named after the Mutable Instruments eurorack module, but removed the ‘vowels’… to remind users, these are not endorsed, or replicas of the MI modules, and may contains errors/issues that I have introduced… also there are some ‘platform limitations’.

But it wont be stopping there…
Ive already got the code compiling and basic PD externals for Braids, Warps,Rings, Clouds and Elements.

as I said, I’m a bit new to this (though not C++ :wink: ) , so going to take a while for me to get this in a design I’m happy with, and also to put the organelle patches together.

on the positive, not only will there be ‘free standing patches’ , but also you will be able to use the externals in your own projects…

of course… a big thank you to Mutable Instruments for making this open source, so made this possible… great guys, go check them out

anyway, just getting started , hope you enjoy

Mark aka TheTechnobear


Holy smokes!


This is great!
Thanks for working on these.
i think WARPS and clouds would be really nice

How are you planning on dealing with the CV ins?

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current status is:
clouds - basically there, but tweaking the interface still, and need to do test patches etc
elements - similar to clouds, I do want to mess with the ‘sweet spots’ though.
warps - code compiles, and basic external , but need to revise, as I’m not happy with the way it worked on axoloti
braids - again compiles, basic external… but again, I’m not following same approach as axoloti, so I’m review the interface, and doing a few things a bit different.

(im also going to do grids , and possibly streams… once Ive got the above into at least a beta phase)

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i had a good result with the rings_reverb so far and the rings chorus and ensemble i paired together they don;t seem as pronounced but maybe that’s the patch i have.
Thanks for this work though i looked at the github and it’s huge.

yeah the chorus/ensemble are subtle… i actually went back and double checked the code when i first tested them :wink:
… its probably because they are designed to be used as ‘fx’ on the string synth, rather than effects in themselves, I’ll take another look if/when i do the rngs~ external (which will be after clds~ which is pretty similar)

so Ive got two approaches, one is to use messages to set the parameters (you can see this in the way i did rngs_reverb~ ,

the other is inlets - while i prefer inlets , the issue is PD, unlike max, gives you no ‘inlet help’ so a large number of inlets is pretty horrible… also if you change inlet order, you break patches.

messages are better, but a little harder for users to use, but great when you have lots of possible parameters, but you might only use/need a subset.

so thats why I’m still ‘playing’ with the interfaces, deciding which are the most useful to have as inlets.

in terms of ‘CV’ both approaches are the same, its all control rate and most MI parameters even if they have CV inputs are processed at control rate, rather than audio rate.
the exception are things like sync inputs, which will be exposed as inlet~

as i say, I’m a newbie to PD (but a bit more familiar with max) which is why I’m still deciding on the best way to design the interface on these externals…

(also here are other options like breaking down one eurorack module into a number of parts, so you can rearrange it… so your basically building a new module based on bits of other eurorack modules)

thanks for sharing because i found it an issue pretty quickly for some other sound CV as well so i started to look for code rather that gives chaotic or pseudo-chaotic output/output~ depending and certain externals now do a very good job of converting a chaotic oscs to integers [instead of using a rand function for instance] to get some interesting sounds.

hi guys, something odd is going on with my USB stick at the mo. ever since i downloaded and tried to run the ‘rings_reich’ and ‘not_reich’ patches on patchstorage, I have been unable to launch those patches, nor the three rngs_effect patches @thetechnobear posted. the rngs patches worked fine before, but now they won’t start! not only that, but i cannot remove the folders from my USB stick now. I can delete the contents, but the folders themselves have become in some way corrupted and unreadable to the point where they cannot be removed. I have opted to just rename them all ‘z’. Is anyone else having problems with these new patches or just me?
edit: i should note that i can add and remove and launch other patch folders and contents without issue.

:frowning: … no reason i can think that these would cause issues, its not like they write to your disk or anything.

I just tried here, installed rngs_* and riech_rings (from patch storage) , played with them, all worked , then delete reich_rings without any issue.

perhaps bad blocks on your usb stick? Id try to run a disk check on it… fsck or something similar.
(unfortunately, fsck.vfat doesn’t appear to be on the organelle, so you’ll need to check it on a PC/Mac etc)

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Yeah, sounds like a USB disk problem. I’d backup anything and then reformat the drive. (needs FAT format, Mac OS won’t work)

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Hey @thetechnobear :slight_smile:

Good to see you here too :slight_smile:

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Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m on windows so that should format FAT by default yes? Should I backup all files except the problematic ones? Will the problem be duplicated if I take those files over too do you think?

This is the second most exciting thing I’ve seen on this forum today - and it’s you again!


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Yes, FAT should be the default. and probably not a good idea to copy over files that you know are problematic. When you have the blank drive ready, you can download all the factory patches at once using this link if you want:

Make sure it is working, then add the patches that were giving your problems before and see if it works this time.

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up and running! thanks all!

@thetechnobear excited to try clouds. Any idea when that will be ready?

I’ll continue it once I’ve finished the OS 2.2 changes I’m doing, nearly there… will release a beta 3 soon.

Awesome work! The reverb sounds great.
Are you planning on releasing the source code for these externals? It would be great to be able to build these on other platforms.


All Mutable instruments’ stuff is open source. You can go to their home page ad download them directly.

But @thetechnobear has all ready ported them to another DSP synth called Axoloti. So the algorithms can all ready be found several places, besides the Mutable page and here :slight_smile:

actually, this is a completely new port of the MI code :slight_smile:

basically the process is… grab the MI code, make it compile on your platform of choice, then produce wrapper code which interfaces your environment to the MI code.
so in the case of Axoloti, compiled it into the firmware (though for the next version Ive move it out), and created axoloti objects.
for Organelle, I had to create pure data externals for each.

also as Ive mentioned, Im doing it slightly differently for PD/Organelle, as it has more memory/cpu, so for examples Braids can be one module with switchable oscillators, rather than in Axoloti where its separate compilable oscillators.

in short, if you know where to look (would take much effort) you’ll find Ive already made the source code available, and will compile on windows/macos/arm including organelle and also bela/rPI :slight_smile:

the reason Im not saying where it is openly, is just because its not finished, and I dont want people forking it, in an incomplete state - that just makes no sense for anyone… once its done, Im happy to openly say where its all hosted.

anyway… you’ll now find a clds patch on patchstorage :slight_smile: