201 & LinnStrument

Hi, all! Has anyone had any success or tips using a MIDI controller with the 201? Ive been trying to use a Linnstrument with mine, but no success yet. Thanks for your time!

Hi, again! I think I figured out the answer to my own question. I believe my TRS adapter is type B (for Arturia) and I need a type A. Hope this helps someone else! Take care!

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Hi, again! I was able to acquire a type A adapter, but still unable to connect my Linnstrument to the 201. Anyone have any suggestions?

Have you confirmed that the 201 and Linnstrument are on the same MIDI channel, etc.?
The 201 MIDI defaults are listed here:

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Yes, both devices are set to channel 1 :slight_smile:

Could this be the culprit?:

Method 4: LinnStrument ↔ MIDI cable ↔ Hardware MIDI Synth

You can also use LinnStrument’s MIDI OUT to connect to a hardware MIDI synth or your computer’s MIDI interface. In this case, you must power LinnStrument either by USB or (on the large LinnStrument model) by a power supply. By default, the MIDI I/O parameter (Global Settings, column 15) is set to USB, so you must select MIDI JACKS if you are using the MIDI jacks.

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I have also tried this! Thank you! I have also made sure the Linnstrument connects with other devices as well (Microfreak) and it has.

Even when the Linnstrument is connected directly to the 201 via USB, it doesn’t work. I was hoping for that, too! It would’ve been a clean setup!

Which size is your LinnStrument:
LinnStrument (200 pads)
LinnStrument 128 (128 pads)

How are you powering the Linnstrument?

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It is the 128 pad, and I am powering it through USB (it’s unable to power through adapter like the 200).

Are you using the 201 for USB power? Or something else?

No, I am not. Each device is powered separately.

OK. Can you confirm that the 201 syncs with other devices via MIDI?
Have you tried a different MIDI cable?

I can confirm the cable forks for other devices, but the 201 is not connecting ot any of my MIDI devices at all.

Can you send a link of the TRS-MIDI adapter you have?