The '201' - New Synth

Hi - we are excited to announce our newest synth: the 201 !

Here’s a demo:

More information here:


this is dope. a programmable rompler. i love seeing faust getting some love in the software stack.

Glad you like it!

Yeah - the 201 is more like our old Pocket Piano. Like the PP, the 201 is a ‘just turn it on and jam’ type of synth. It’s got an easy framework to build up your sound:

  1. Select a note pattern (arpeggio)
  2. Select a synth
  3. Control the synth parameters with three knobs (envelope, tone, and ‘surprise’!)
  4. Change any of the above until you find what you’re looking for or stumble onto a happy accident!

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Everyone loves a synth gift!!

Back our Kickstarter for the new 201 Pocket Piano synth! It’s a great gift for the musician in your world!

The 201 will ship in the Spring, but we can mail you a C&G-designed card you can give as a placeholder ‘gift’ this holiday season! Check our Kickstarter page for more information:

Hi! Will this funky little synth support MPE? If it did, it could be a very nice companion to a Linnstrument!

This is so awesome!
Can you already tell when they will hit retailers in Europe and at what price?

@Trunks - Thanks for your interest! Right now we’re focusing on the Kickstarter campaign.

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Alright. Can you already estimate the resale price? I am wondering if it would be cheaper to backup the campaign and paying customs vs waiting for the release.