Can't get USB-MIDI to work

I’ve been unable to get the 201 to connect over usb midi.
I haven’t tried Din yet (need to get a midi a adapter)

Ive checked and saved the settings file.
Ive tested it out on several devices
A Windows computer
Polyend tracker mini
Presonus atom sq
Expert sleeper’s fh-2
Elektron digitone

Using the usb A port

Assuming im missing something
Any help?

It is recommended that a USB MIDI device is connected after powering up the 201. Then relaunch the main patch by pressing and holding the high E, F, and G keys and then press Shift.

yeah i’ve been doing that every time. same process as relaunching after leaving disk mode right?

There are two separate functions:

  1. Reloading the mother patch = hold the high E + F + G keys and then press *Shift.
  2. Enter/Exit Disk Mode = hold the high C# + D# + F# keys and then press *Shift.

…the first combination (reload mother) is the one you want to use for getting MIDI started.

RE: connecting to other devices, how are you doing that? 201’s USB-A to other devices’ USB-B port?..USB-MIDI adapter?..or something else?

Oh yeah i reload the mother patch after i get out of disk mode. So then yes I’m doing it correctly it seems.
And im connecting via the usb A from the 201 into usb C into the other devices (the cable that came withthe 201)

You should not be entering Disk Mode while connected to devices other than a computer. Exiting Disk Mode is not a prerequisite for reloading the mother.

The 201 is a USB host. The Windows computer you mentioned is likely a USB host as well. The USB paradigm is Host —> Device, so you cannot connect two hosts together, unfortunately.

Do you know if the USB-C port on, say, the Polyend Tracker Mini is set up as a host or a device?

Does the Digitone have a USB-C port?