201 Metronome

I’m finding the 201 metronome to be a little too quiet. It would be nice to not only change the sound to something louder, but that could be used as a rhythm accompaniment.

I opened the mother.pd file and looked around. I could find a few references to metronome, but none appeared to call a subroutine with details.

Is the metronome a pd function that is hard coded into its environment, or is there some way to change its sound. I suppose a new routine could be substituted for metronome.

I’m not a programmer.

This is actually a short audio file that gets played, so it is easy to change. In the folder with mother.pd is another folder named ‘lib’. This contains various sub-patches and other files. The one named ‘metro1.wav’ is the metronome sound, so you can replace it with whatever you like.

In mother.pd the place to look is the sub-patch ‘pd click’ which is responsible for playing this sound. The volume is hard coded so you could change it in there or just adjust the volume of the sample itself.

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This is great info! I’ll play around with it.

Now I’m wondering if I could add code where multiple presses of the metronome could cycle between sounds. :sunglasses:

Thanks much!


Hi! I did find a couple of metro wavs.
And I took a peek of the mother.pd with a text editor. Where is the volume set? Getting closer… TIA

#X restore 178 166 pd metro;
#X obj 154 239 throw~ outL;
#X obj 241 242 throw~ outR;
#X obj 223 83 sel 18;
#X obj 222 57 stripnote;
#X obj 222 26 r shift-keys;
#X obj 115 99 sel 0;
#X obj 113 62 r beat-clock;
#X connect 0 0 1 1;
#X connect 1 0 2 0;
#X connect 1 0 3 0;
#X connect 4 0 0 0;
#X connect 5 0 4 0;
#X connect 6 0 5 0;
#X connect 7 0 1 0;
#X connect 8 0 7 0;
#X restore 313 315 pd click;
#X obj 182 775 *~;
#X obj 262 775 *~;
#X obj 462 643 r mute-dac;
#X obj 536 644 r unmute-dac;
#X obj 462 711 line~, f 10;
#X msg 462 679 0 7;
#X msg 536 679 1 7;

From mother.pd, click into [pd click], then [pd metro], set pd to Edit Mode, and adjust the [*~ 0.2]

If you do this from Disk Mode, be sure to reload the mother patch (hold the high E F G keys & then press Shift) to listen to change.

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What app are you using on the mac to edit pd files? I’m lacking the graphical environment. Thanks!

Edit. Nevermind. I found pd from http://msp.ucsd.edu/software

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I also had to learn to go into “edit mode” and of course, save my edit. Metronome volume tweaked! Thanks again for being patient!