[Help] Trying to add a save function / storage for metronome patch

Using the Organelle M as a clock source for live shows, and would like to create a way to save certain tempos so I can start them way faster than finding the tempo (or having to try and gently get the right tempo instead of overshooting it by 1 or 2 bpm).

Was thinking of using the metronome patch and adding pages (So when you load the patch you are presented with metronome settings for tempo, accent etc). and then another page to save and load the setting by holding aux and the key (or slot 1 - 24).

I am a novice with puredata and don’t know where to start or how to begin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

so important part of the patch is this:

if this is your first PD patch, then Id not start getting into pages of parameters because thats going to get complex quite quickly.

also, you don’t really need to do aux+key, as the keys are currently not used so you can used them on their own (then you dont have to worry about the functionality that is already on the aux button)

so then all we need to do is take the keyboard input, and then for each key send a bpm and accent. to the relevant part of patch.
bpm is second inlet on master-metronone
accent we jus have to feed in where knob 2 goes,

so if we hard code in the patch, we can do too simple things !

here is a simple example :

note: untested, and id honestly do things a bit different - but should give you the basic idea, without overcomplicating the PD involved :wink:

note: moving knob1/2 or having link or midi clock coming in, would immediately override the button selection.
to stop this, you’d have change master-metrome to ‘lock’ the tempo.

nudging, could be done by storing bpm, then increasing it on button press - similar to above example.