Change synth tone of Punchy?

Hey everyone, just got an organelle and am beyond words with it. So very fun. I have been really into both the Punchy patch as well as the mellotron patch. Is there a way to change the sound of Punch fro a sine wave to be that of a sampled sound such as the ones used in the mellotron (or any other basic tone)?
Coding and Puredata are entirely new to me so any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Yes it is absolutely possible. You can start with Punchy and turn it into the wildest thing you can imagine. Anything is possible in Pure Data.

Nobody can respond to you in a forum in a way that you’ll immediately understand what to do. You just need to get stuck and begin to understand Pd.

I’d recommend keeping the Organelle out of the picture for now. Get Pd on your computer and find some examples and tutorials to make some basic sounds. Once you understand the general principles, then have a look at the Punchy patch, understand what is happening to make that sound what it is, and try to make some changes.

It could be as simple as assigning the four knobs of the Organelle to different parameters to get the control you want (bear in mind in the new OS you can have multiple pages of parameters!), or maybe you’ll need to change the actual synthesis path.

Good luck!